Back to the Future


And now ladies and gentlemen, (with a little help from Tampa Bay) new to the Cubs for 2008, all the way in from MINNESOTA, the Cubs give up nothing but a little green and get…that’s riiiight…:
(big DRAMATIC drumroll please)

…TIM LAHEY! Picture_2

“With the Rule 5 Draft’s first pick, Tampa Bay chose Tim Lahey out of the Minnesota organization, with the Rays promptly pivoting to deal the 25-year-old right-hander to the Cubs for cash considerations.

Originally a catcher, Lahey was converted to a pitcher in 2005, the year after having been the Twins’ 20th-round choice in the First-Year Player Draft, with immediate success. He earned 15 saves that season with Elizabethtown in the Rookie League, and is 15-6 with 38 saves in 123 Minor League appearances overall.”

Wait, what? You did say Minnesota right? Not quite Johan Santana to say the least and we had a little help from the Rays (I’d change my name too at this point) but hey, its always exciting to get what could potentially be a quality pitcher for the future. With a rotation of Zambrano, Lilly, Marquis, Hill, and Marshall/etc I personally feel we’re in pretty good shape right now for starters but since Lahey has to stay on the active roster for the entire season or else the Rays can buy him back for half price, he may be able to help out in the bullpen. So, that being said, welcome to the club Mr. Lahey, or as I could also refer to you…”FROM TAMPA BAY, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, PLEASE WELCOME “Not Scott Kazmir.”

Also, who knows, maybe Mr. Lahey could help us get the left-handed power hitting outfielder we’d love to land by including him in another move sometime in the future…I suppose that wouldn’t be so bad, now would it? And if you’re reading this Mr. Fukudome, forget about all that, sign the dotted line, let’s get you a locker…and put you in front of the best fans in baseball roaming the new grounds in right field at Wrigley!

(This must be the patience Sweet Lou has been talking about.)

“…root, root, root for the CUBBIES…”



The Leadoff Spot


Seeing this is my first official post on my newly created Cubs MLBlog let me start off by saying “Hey, hey!” 169974642_2bde6823fd_mI look forward to sharing my thoughts about the team and hearing from you regarding all the news that surrounds our boys on the North Side…The Chicago Cubs!

Coming off an amazing regular season and a rather disappointing postseason I can’t get myself away from the sports pages and any and all sports websites that are covering the Winter Meetings! I refresh the Winter Meeting updates more frequently than my email! Who will we use as a closer? Will we land Fukudome? Can someone explain to me why…if we’re going to replace Derosa at second (which I’m not even so sure is necessary)…why didn’t we start looking into Brian Roberts in the first place? I mean Kaz Matsui? REALLY? As Fukudome bait, sure…but more than that? One good postseason does not make Matsui a good choice otherwise.

I was SO happy to see Ohman traded although I am a little hesitant to buy into Ascanio just yet. I mean, they took Ohman to get rid of him (although I have a feeling he was a requirement of the Cubs that he be included in order to do the trade and that Infante was really the guy the Braves were targeting. Speaking of which…Detroit? Wow. That is going to be one unbelievably good team next year. I believe if Santana ends up in the National League then the ALCS next year between the Red Sox and Detroit may set a record for extra innings played in a series as that will be one close and exciting series.)

It’s interesting to see how much pull Santana has in this offseason. It’s like everything is waiting for one guy’s deal to go down and then everyone will move forward. Piniella says he was told he’d have his new players’ presence under the tree in time for Christmas. As excited as I would be to have all of our needs filled in time for the holidays, I don’t expect much to happen until Santana is either dealt or Minnesota makes it clear he’s staying put for now. Even though we’re not looking to get in the Santana mix…everyday it becomes more apparent that his is the first domino to fall this Winter to figure the rest of league’s rosters for 2008.

Curious to see what happens at 2B…interested to see who will join Soriano and, in my opinion Pie,A45sitbg_1 in the outfield and also curious to see what we can do to the bullpen to strengthen our chances to repeat in the Central next year and capture the 100 year carrot that’s been dangling out there in front of us year after year for a century…some years dangled closer to our faces than others (and of course few of us have been around for all 100.)

Prose and Ivy will be something I’ll dedicate a lot of time to this offseason and then especially when Spring comes! I’ll get as much stuff up as I can as soon as I can…I’m still learning how to fully utilize all of the functions of these MLBlogs but I’m looking forward to it!

Thanks for checking out these e-friendly confines…GO CUBS GO!