The Poster Child



The Cubs recently unveiled a new ad campaign showcasing the ‘international breadth and depth’ of the team. A red, white and blue themed ad campaign designed to have an American, international and Cub feel to it all at the same time. Fukudome’s tagline on his poster is “I don’t need an interpreter. My bat does the talking.” Not bad…hope so. Here are a bunch of other ones…see if you can tell which ones are real and which ones are shall we say…not.

Aramis Ramirez: “They say hit ’em where they ain’t. Well, they ain’t on Waveland Ave.”
Alfonso Soriano: “Cause it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out…”
Carlos Zambrano: “My fastball may be untouchable, but my catchers aren’t.”
Kerry Wood: “Helping young fans make erection jokes since 1998.”
Felix Pie: “Hit like Mays. Run like Pie.”
Mark Derosa: “Wait a second…what do you mean my home might be Camden’d?”

Very much looking forward to the actual ads and of course seeing these guys live up to the hype and the expectations laid out for 2008…Piniella’s already laid out the Opening Day line-up and is talking repeat.

According to “Piniella said Alfonso Soriano will lead off on March 31 when the Cubs play host to the Milwaukee Brewers, followed by Ryan Theriot, Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Kosuke Fukudome, Mark DeRosa, Geovany Soto and Felix Pie. He also indicated Carlos Zambrano would start, although Zambrano hinted on Friday that he’d let lefty Ted Lilly have the honor because the right-hander is 0-3 in Opening Day starts.”

Looks like Lou’s got our boys thinking everything we need them thinking already…and not one pitcher or catcher has even reported yet. Somebody should write a tagline about that.


Kidding and No Kidding


First blog of the new year and plenty of Cubfetti to go around for everyone. Amped about this year’s Cubs and a bunch of things today…I perform stand up comedy, act and produce for TV and film when I’m not blogging on Prose and Ivy. Today and yesterday was an amazing experience for me as I had the opportunity to shoot a pilot for a new television show I created with a friend of mine. Seriously, what an unbelievable experience. The prep that goes into it is more than anyone who watches TV could ever know. I developed, produced, created, cast, managed, directed and acted in this hidden camera improv based comedy pilot and it was one of the craziest few weeks ever and now that we’ve got post production coming up next…we’ll get a chance to see what we have in the can and see what we can do with it all…VERY interesting.

In getting the opportunity to shoot a pilot for a show I created I got a ton of adrenaline flowing and while we wrapped the shoot 11 hours ago now, its still flowing and I felt the urge to come on and blog and just let it flow because of 1) the adrenaline 2) the report I saw today that the deal with the Orioles looks to be alive again for Brian Roberts and 3) an article I read on-line today that the Cubs expect serious production ‘from the corners’.

I’ve pretty much explained where the adrenaline is coming from so let’s discuss the Roberts trade…AWESOME…I’m open to it. I like Derosa and would be good with him at 2B in ’08 but if we’re going to do this, let’s do it and see what happens…I’m sure he’ll be thrilled when he realizes (this is where the article comes into play) that second base is not considered one of the ‘corners’. Thrilled!

OK, now here’s where I have a problem…why do sports sites write stupid stories that highlight something so obvious like this year, the Cubs are expecting huge production out of their first and third basemen?? NO KIDDING, REALLY? What horrible news for them! Who were we looking for it from last year? Is there a rotation? What about the rest of the team? Wouldn’t we fair better if we got the WHOLE team to perform at a HIGH LEVEL? Maybe not focus on just the corners and get EVERYONE kicking some *** next year on our beloved renovated Field de Wrigley (or whatever it might end up being called). Stupid. Give us some real insight baseball reporters…don’t waste our time with this **** about ‘2 guys, the Cubs are expecting a BIG year from 2 guys’. It’s silly and a waste of what could be incredibly insightful space on these sites.

Now that I’ve got off my chest, I’ll admit, once the Cubs get all the pieces they think they need and get everything in the can…I can’t wait for them to get it into post and see how this all plays out. Will it turn out to be what they were thinking before they put it together and did the Cubs make the right decisions when they brought in these specific guys? Post seasons are awesome…but this is a whole different kind of post that I can’t wait to see when it comes to the Cubs. They better hope it comes out the way they think it will because while my pilot may never see the light of day…the Cubs production will be aired regularly for a worldwide audience at least 162 times this year. Hope they find the right amount of comedy, drama, action and suspense or else next year at this time it could be time to recast the whole **** show again…and really, nobody wants that…unless of course that’s something the Cubs would expect their corner guys to produce as well. Let’s hope not. Go Cubs.Blogfooter2rectangle_8