Because I Felt Like It


What’s up blog browser…welcome to Prose and Ivy.  Or are you a repeat visitor?  Welcome back.  After a crazy evening of editing this television show I’m producing, I’ve decided I need to wind down with a cup of coffee and a blog. So without furhter adieu…today’s posting.

So since its technically Thursday, the Cubs first Spring Training game is later today.  About 15 hours from now.  I’m really excited about this season and unlike most seasons, even Spring Training has grabbed my interest.  While I normally follow along and see how they do (regardless of it means nothing in Spring Training) this year I’m especially intrigued.  There’s just so many things up in the air and decisions to be made, positions that are being competed for.  Very cool.

Centerfield.  I’m a huge advocate of Felix Pie but that’s not news to anyone who’s read my previous postings.  Who knows what will happen though.  As much as we all want Pie to be incredible, we know have to admit all we’ve seen are flashes.  And who’s to say one of the other players competing for the spot won’t step up this Spring and make the decision easy for Lou to go with them over Felix.  It’s all about the numbers which for a ‘season’ that means nothing in the long run, maybe it means more than everyone’s willing to admit.  I mean if we’re talking the long run…isn’t the long run affected by who we have in the lineup everyday throughout the year?  Isn’t the Summer and Fall determined partially by how the early part of the season goes?  And aren’t the faces of the regulars in April and May heavily decided by performances by competing players in the Spring? 

And that’s why I think it’s so fascinating.

Dempster gets the first start of the Spring.  Cool.  Go get ’em Demp!  Do your thing man…set the stage and show how much you want it.  Set the stage for every other player competing for a spot and make everyone push each other to be the best they can be among all the competition, it will only help us in the long run. 

Derosa’s heart condition lately has me really worried about him.  As a human being, I hope Derosa is ok and that this was just another simple episode like any other he has experienced in his life with this condition. As a fan, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t like Roberts at 2B, sure…but honestly, if not him I’m completely happy to go through the season with Derosa securing the right side of the infield.  But let’s face it, something could happen…something awful (you know what I mean) and I have to think that Lou is thinking that as well…which will make the potential backups’ performance this Spring all the more important.  So every game including a different face at second base will make the games even more intriguing for me to see the box scores. 

The closer situation is an obvious one and I have to think that either Wood or Marmol will get the nod starting the season.  Again though…this is why they travel to Arizona.  To make huge decisions like this. 

And oh Fukudome.  It’s bizarre the excitement I already feel when thinking about listening to a game or watching a game, even in Spring Training, and anticipating Fukudome’s at-bat.  Will he be more like Ichiro or Tsyoshi Shinjo?  Who knows.  (Please let it be Ichiro…PLEASE.)

I don’t know.  I’m just really excited that baseball is kicking off later today.  As I’m stuck in this edit room until who knows when…it’s times like these and I mean that in the most immediate and grandest of scales when I am glad baseball exists (despite all of its recent flaws and cheaters) and truly look forward to watching the 2008 Cubs unfold from the first pitch to the last out. 

Anyway…thanks blog.  I needed that.  GO CUBS!!!


Killing the Cat


I’m curious. How many wins do my fellow Cubs Fans (or for that matter, fans of other teams within the division) think it will take to win the NL Central this year? I’ll kick things off by throwing my own guesstimate into the ring with 89. I don’t think Milwaukee did enough to take the crown away and I believe the Cubs will be better than last year. With the new acquistions and a more comfortable and roster knowledgable Piniella, I think we’ll win 93 games this year…putting them in first place, winning the division by 5 games over the Brewers.

What do you guys think?

Go Cubs! (by the way, I love the idea of Fukudome, Lee, Ramirez as our 3-4-5 hitters…saw the story on today and it sounds worth a shot to me! But ‘whoever wins the centerfield spot’? I’m still thinking it’ll be PIE.Blogfooter2rectangle_13

Pitchers and Catchers


With pitchers and catchers reporting today, let me officially make Ryan Dempster the first Cub I applaud in 2008. Dempster predicts the Cubs will win the World Series this year. Talk the talk, walk the walk and we’ll all be happy. I’m happy Spring Training has begun…let’s go Cubs!Blogfooter2rectangle_12

Now, Just a Second.


That seems to be all the Orioles have left to rid themselves of in order to completely enter the ‘out with the old, in with the Derosa’ stage of their future. And we’re ready. I am anyway.
From what I’ve read on-line from the Seattle-area media, Bedard is now not only a Mariner but also officially Ichiro’s Scottie Pippen…and if that’s the way they feel, good for them. Why not? But as far as the Cubs are concerned, seriously, let’s do this thing. Pull the trigger already. Send us Roberts.

Why not? Sure, he was mentioned on that steroid/HGH list of ‘players unfortunate enough to be included on this list of potential users according to MLB’s eenie-meenie-minee-moe accusation policy’. Ok, sure, there’s that. But then again, he’s also an All-Star second basemen who I wouldn’t mind watching tighten up the middle of our defense next year. Brian_roberts_hitting_lefty

I also wouldn’t mind watching him man the batter’s box to the right of home plate and I wouldn’t mind watching him help create a new element on the Cubs that pushes them to a World Series title. I believe with Roberts as our second baseman and with the right choice of closer, we’re there. That’s it. The bullpen/closer coming through and one more left handed bat and we’re where we want to be: browsing Chicago Cubs 2008 World Series Championship merchandise on I don’t get a commission from the sales, I’m just pretty sure we’d be able to find it there. (Man these blogs get loopy when I post around midnight).

Regardless, I’m excited about the Bedard deal because it leads me to believe ‘Roberts to the Cubs’ headlines are right around the corner. Just in time for Spring Training.

Fukudome for Christmas. Roberts for Easter. My birthday’s in October…and I know just the thing the Cubs could give me then too. : )


Congratulations to the NY Giants!


Anything is possible. Period. One of the greatest sports moments I’ve ever experienced. Congratulations to the NY Giants, that game was incredible! No matter the odds…no matter the obstacles…no matter what anyone thinks…anything is possible. And especially in professional sports! Way to go G-Men, you proved everyone wrong and I loved every minute of it!

(Now how about later this year, we say the same thing about the Cubbies!!)


(less than) Two Weeks Notice


FitchpubWith less than two weeks to go before pitchers and catchers report to camp, I couldn’t be more excited. I have always loved the regular season, lose my mind when my team makes it to the playoffs and while its more fun to have your team in the Series..its still the World Series so really, what’s not to be at least a little excited about. Come that time of year all kinds of great baseball stories have taken place and its always an exciting spectacle to end the season. Of course, the Cubs ending their run without a title with a championship would be the ideal but you know what I mean. The postseason is the postseason and the World Series is deserving of the title ‘The Fall Classic’. And really even postseasons that haven’t included the Cubs lately have been pretty exciting and I think if you’re a big enough baseball fan, that’s the way it is whether your team is in it or not. However, lately I’ve been more and more excited about the offseason and I’m not sure why.
Maybe its because of the caliber of players that have been available…maybe its because of the offseason signings the Cubs have made (or not made), the speculation of what they will or won’t do, talking/debating with friends what moves should and shouldn’t be made and the excitement that comes with new players, promises, predictions and possibilites (and to keep with the ‘p’ theme, especially lately with a guy named Piniella having a large effect on all of those things).

Like every die-hard fan you feel a part of the drama in who will be sent down and who will be invited to ‘the show’. How will the starting rotation playout and which guys will take on which roles in the bullpen? What moves are yet to be made and does a great record in Spring Training mean anything at all? What about a horrible record in Spring Training? What else can I come up with what could be a never ending list of What if’s…you get my point.

I’m excited. I’m excited the offseason is drawing to a close. I’m excited pitchers and catchers are reporting. I’m excited about the games I’ll get to see on TV and logging on to this site to watch the other games on-line. I’m excited about following the scoreboards, the standings and reading the rumor central reports throughout the season. I’m excited to hate a guy one game and love him the next and vice versa because after all no matter what, he’s still our guy and if Lou has him in there, well, then Fukudome, that’s who I’m rooting for today!

Super Bowl Sunday on its way…couldn’t care less about the Pro Bowl…NBA doesn’t get real good until June…I CAN’T WAIT FOR BASEBALL. Even for the upcoming games that mean very little once the calendar hits October (very little=nothing). I don’t care. Bring on Spring Training. ASAP. And if any of our guys happen to show up early and play a game of wiffleball or MLB 2K8, I’d love an update on how that turned out as well.


Less than two weeks and counting.

At this point, sometimes literally. Go Cubs!