(less than) Two Weeks Notice


FitchpubWith less than two weeks to go before pitchers and catchers report to camp, I couldn’t be more excited. I have always loved the regular season, lose my mind when my team makes it to the playoffs and while its more fun to have your team in the Series..its still the World Series so really, what’s not to be at least a little excited about. Come that time of year all kinds of great baseball stories have taken place and its always an exciting spectacle to end the season. Of course, the Cubs ending their run without a title with a championship would be the ideal but you know what I mean. The postseason is the postseason and the World Series is deserving of the title ‘The Fall Classic’. And really even postseasons that haven’t included the Cubs lately have been pretty exciting and I think if you’re a big enough baseball fan, that’s the way it is whether your team is in it or not. However, lately I’ve been more and more excited about the offseason and I’m not sure why.
Maybe its because of the caliber of players that have been available…maybe its because of the offseason signings the Cubs have made (or not made), the speculation of what they will or won’t do, talking/debating with friends what moves should and shouldn’t be made and the excitement that comes with new players, promises, predictions and possibilites (and to keep with the ‘p’ theme, especially lately with a guy named Piniella having a large effect on all of those things).

Like every die-hard fan you feel a part of the drama in who will be sent down and who will be invited to ‘the show’. How will the starting rotation playout and which guys will take on which roles in the bullpen? What moves are yet to be made and does a great record in Spring Training mean anything at all? What about a horrible record in Spring Training? What else can I come up with what could be a never ending list of What if’s…you get my point.

I’m excited. I’m excited the offseason is drawing to a close. I’m excited pitchers and catchers are reporting. I’m excited about the games I’ll get to see on TV and logging on to this site to watch the other games on-line. I’m excited about following the scoreboards, the standings and reading the rumor central reports throughout the season. I’m excited to hate a guy one game and love him the next and vice versa because after all no matter what, he’s still our guy and if Lou has him in there, well, then Fukudome, that’s who I’m rooting for today!

Super Bowl Sunday on its way…couldn’t care less about the Pro Bowl…NBA doesn’t get real good until June…I CAN’T WAIT FOR BASEBALL. Even for the upcoming games that mean very little once the calendar hits October (very little=nothing). I don’t care. Bring on Spring Training. ASAP. And if any of our guys happen to show up early and play a game of wiffleball or MLB 2K8, I’d love an update on how that turned out as well.


Less than two weeks and counting.

At this point, sometimes literally. Go Cubs!