Now, Just a Second.


That seems to be all the Orioles have left to rid themselves of in order to completely enter the ‘out with the old, in with the Derosa’ stage of their future. And we’re ready. I am anyway.
From what I’ve read on-line from the Seattle-area media, Bedard is now not only a Mariner but also officially Ichiro’s Scottie Pippen…and if that’s the way they feel, good for them. Why not? But as far as the Cubs are concerned, seriously, let’s do this thing. Pull the trigger already. Send us Roberts.

Why not? Sure, he was mentioned on that steroid/HGH list of ‘players unfortunate enough to be included on this list of potential users according to MLB’s eenie-meenie-minee-moe accusation policy’. Ok, sure, there’s that. But then again, he’s also an All-Star second basemen who I wouldn’t mind watching tighten up the middle of our defense next year. Brian_roberts_hitting_lefty

I also wouldn’t mind watching him man the batter’s box to the right of home plate and I wouldn’t mind watching him help create a new element on the Cubs that pushes them to a World Series title. I believe with Roberts as our second baseman and with the right choice of closer, we’re there. That’s it. The bullpen/closer coming through and one more left handed bat and we’re where we want to be: browsing Chicago Cubs 2008 World Series Championship merchandise on I don’t get a commission from the sales, I’m just pretty sure we’d be able to find it there. (Man these blogs get loopy when I post around midnight).

Regardless, I’m excited about the Bedard deal because it leads me to believe ‘Roberts to the Cubs’ headlines are right around the corner. Just in time for Spring Training.

Fukudome for Christmas. Roberts for Easter. My birthday’s in October…and I know just the thing the Cubs could give me then too. : )