‘Spring In My Step’


I believe I have achieved one of the cheesiest post titles in recent MLBlogs related to Spring Training.

Go me.

So yeah, a spring in my step. It was a great Saturday as I was able to catch my first Cubs game of 2008. I had to follow the first couple games by refreshing a scoreboard over and over again but today I was able to watch it on-line. It was fun to hear Piniella talk about everyone, especially how Pie and Fuld will both be getting a ton of playing time this Spring to figure out CF. So far Fuld looked decent in the field but Pie is doing well at the plate. Murton looked good too at 3 for 3. I don’t know if he may end up being more valuable as trade bait, but he looked really good today.

Wood looked far from the guy I expect him to be this year giving up 3 runs in one inning and the only real bright spot offensively was Fox’s home run. I thought Marquis looked decent for it being so early in the Spring although he apparently felt Lou will feel otherwise come the end of camp as he shot his mouth off about going elsewhere if there’s no place for him in the rotation here in Chicago. Hey Jason…shut up and pitch. I mean really…isn’t it a little early to be a headcase?6493 Is it because you have to throw strikes and learn basic Japanese phrases? Is that it? Too much to handle for you? Just pitch and everything will be fine…but if you’re set on this headcase thing…thanks, but no thanks.

Definitely looking forward to seeing Fukudome play on Sunday.

It will interesting to see our opening day lineup after Lou has a chance to play around with a few different options this month. It will also be interesting to see how many times Comcast can find attractive women Murphy_1 in the hot Arizona sun in between innings, at-bats, pitches, commercials, bases touched by a player during a home run trot, after every other word a broadcaster speaks and any other time they can possibly squeeze in another shot of cleavage. They talk about how Cubs fans should head out to Arizona and take it all in, get ahead of the other Cubs fans in seeing what the team might bring to the table this year. I believe they may also be subliminally saying, “You like baseball? You like breasts? You want to see Cubs fans with beautiful breasts? Planning on looking at breasts on-line after watching Cubs baseball? Why not do both at-the-same-time???”

And you know what? They have a point. Looking forward to enjoying tomorrow’s game. Everything about it…Fuku…and the domes.Blogfooter2rectangle_14

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