What’s the Japanese word for “MOVE”?


The one stat I think Fukudome is leading himself in his HBP. I hope somebody starts going over ways to get out of the way with him. The Cubs can’t afford to have Fukudome getting hit once a game, let’s face it. It’s a long season and it’s becoming routine to see that Fukudome had almost as many HBP counts as he did AB this Spring. Fun to see Fukudome and the Cubs getting the best of Ichiro’s Mariners as I type this and they are heading into the ninth though, good times.

I thought Fox looked great again today as he’s impressed me this Spring. Not sure if Lou is looking to carry three catchers, but Fox is definitely showing some serious ability so far. (Oh interesting, “Not Scott Kazmir” just entered the game. Let’s see how Mr. Tim Lahey does.)

I was very pleased with how Marshall did today as well as Samardzija. (Second pitch by Lahey hit for a base hit by Cairo.) 2 innings pitched by Marshall including 3BB and 2K’s. Lieber wasn’t as fortunate but I’m sure he’s got plenty of dust to shake off still. So does Cedeno on the bases…picked off once and caught stealing another time. Theriot on the other hand looks GREAT this year. Hitting .500 so far and he added another stolen base today. I wonder who they’ll bring in to pitch the ninth. I’d like to see Marmol honestly. Saw Wood get roughed up the other day, curious to see how Marmol does in making a case for himself.

On a completely separate note, I read on another bloggers blog that they are against the blue alternate road jersey. I disagree. I like it very much and in fact, I own one. Granted, it’s not quite as slick as pinstripes or traditional like the road grey but still…I like the blues. Maybe its the giant C with the bear cub, or maybe I just like it when they mix it up a little (as long as its the team’s colors…green jerseys when you’re team colors are red, white and blue etc…come on). Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there. Oh look…more breasts. Bravo. MLB. Mesa’s Lovely Breasts.

Very much looking forward to seeing how the team looks when we start getting everyone in the game and everyone healthy. Anxious to see what our regulars are going to be like with Fukudome in the mix. And if we’re going to deal with Roberts, I hope it happens soon. The more time Piniella has to play with the lineups including Roberts, the better.

One down in the top of the ninth, 6-2 Cubs leading the Mariners. It’s great having the afternoon free to catch the game. Even if Nick Lachey is a guest commentator for an inning or two. I’m going to get back to simply watching the game, although its been fun writing my first blog while the game is in progress. I have to figure out how to become a pop star so I can afford my own minor league ballclub too. Go Cubs!Blogfooter2rectangle_16