The Face, The Brace, The Pace, The Place and The  Ace


The Face:  We could be looking at a brand new face of the franchise.  Truly what the front office was hoping to get when they asked Mr. Fukudome to signed on the dotted line.  Picture_3The guy is showing amazing discipline with his patience at the plate, toughness with his ability to get hit by a pitch and keep on ticking, strength in poking his first HR of the spring out of the park today against the Brewers (nice touch), and an overall strength in numbers with an OBP of .600, a SLG% of .700 and a batting average so far this spring of .400. *****, that is a great start Kosuke.  Keep it up buddy.

The Brace: After today’s marathon 10-6 loss against the Brewers in 10 innings, we should all brace ourselves for what should be a very interesting division race this year between the two teams.  It was only Spring Training and there weren’t any signs of letting down on either side, both teams simply wanting to beat their rival whether it counted come Opening Day or not.  Very exciting to see the guys keep coming back…even had bases loaded when the game was over, tying run at the plate.  Considering we used some guys we never would have out of the bullpen (of course they did too), I feel real good about where we stand against them right now (especially since there was no sign of Soriano or Ramirez in the lineup).

The Pace: Now they’re talking about Soriano needing up to two weeks to come back healthy enough to hit and field without any complications.  I had a feeling their initial comment of 3-5 days wasn’t going to hold up.  Let’s hope the trainers and the coaching staff manage guys like Soriano, Ramirez and Derosa and make sure they aren’t pushed to come back during Spring Training earlier than they should.  Piniella keeps talking about how worried he is about our depth…I hope that’s taken into consideration when deciding when these guys get back on the field.

The Place: Wrigley.  Saw a report that stated the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority will be making an offer in the next couple weeks to buy Wrigley.  Their still assessing costs in fixing up the joint, but said ‘the beloved Wrigley name will almost certainly be part of the new name.’  Something to the effect of "Wrigley Field at XYZ Plaza".  OH, C’MON!  Wrigleycrocker
Where is Chris Crocker when you need him?!

The Ace: Big Z.  So far this Spring, Zambrano is off to a good start.  2.0IP, 2H, 0ER and 2K’s.  Arizona on Wednesday…keep it up big fellah.  Carlos "Numero Uno" Zambrano: our ace.  GO CUBS GO!Blogfooter2rectangle_18


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