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It would have been great for the Cubs to be must see MLB.TV today, but unfortunately they were only available on their audio service. And it would’ve been great if I had been able to sit and listen to the game all afternoon, but unfortunately I was busy and reduced to refreshing my cell phone box score every 10 minutes throughout the day. And it would’ve been great if the Cubs won, but they didn’t. The things that were great though? A few…

I really like Marquis. Everyone says stupid things and occasionally suffers from bad timing. I think Marquis saying that he should start or he’ll look to leave town after just ONE Spring start was ridiculously bad timing. But I definitely liked WHAT he said more than WHEN he said it. And I love that he’s backing it up with strong performances. Today Marquis went three solid innings giving up four hits and collecting one strike out, keeping his spring ERA at 3.60. I’m glad to see Marquis and these other guys we know we will be counting on (like Wood and Howry today with solid innings and only giving up a hit a piece) doing really well and it really being only the guys the organization wants to ‘get a look at’ that are really blowing these games. Piniella isn’t crazy about losing EVER and I think that’s a great quality to have in a manager. I took an internet still of his bobblehead and added it to a shot of Wrigley Field in photoshop. Wrigley_fieldpiniellatextresizedIt now serves as my computer’s wallpaper. He looks like an absolute giant. Good times.

Seriously, how cool is Lou Piniella? I love the effect that Lou, Soriano, Fukudome, Ramirez, Lee and Zambrano have on this team. Merely their presence brings this electricity to the ballclub that makes them a blast to follow. Some people have it and some people don’t. These guys have it. It’s like Lebron (if I may reference basketball for a moment). I happened to be at the Garden last night when Lebron dropped 50 on the Knicks. The crowd was in an absolute frenzy. You could feel it in the building and you knew it had nothing to do with that sorry Knicks team. It was all about Lebron. Spike was there. He’s almost never there nowadays. Heck, the fact that there were people there at all and the vibe was incredible…all because of one guy. And that’s what I love about some of the guys we have on this baseball team. That energy and excitement and that feeling you get that anything is possible with these guys around. It really makes this team fun to watch and write about. (I wasn’t real sure what I wanted to write about tonight when I first sat down. But yeah, now that I got it out, that’s definitely what I wanted to write about.)

Otherwise, way too many oh-fer’s today with only five hits coming from four players out of 18 that had an at-bat. Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow’s lineup will be with Ramirez slated to make his spring debut against the Mariners.



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