“Hot Bats? Have a Brew’ and cool ’em down!” OR “Crystal Balls”


Today was ridiculous for the Cubs and the game was nowhere near as close as the final score makes it look. Out of 21 Cubs who came to bat, only two of them (Theriot and Ramirez) looked any good and once again…way to many oh-fers! Cubs lost to the Brewers today (AGAIN! Opening day is coming guys!) by a score of 6-4 and its not even like we left a lot of opportunity out on the bases. They only stranded 2 runs. It never ceases to amaze me how a team can destroy one day and get destroyed the next. Rich Hill was roughed up something fierce pitching 2 2/3 innings giving up 8 hits and 4 ER’s. Hill_pitching Piniella has announced he will officially be our fourth pitcher in the rotation. I know its only one game and in the Spring nonetheless, but still. Spring lineups your pitcher is facing are not the same caliber they will be facing in the regular season. It would make much more sense to see them punishing people now and hope it continues later than seeing them flounder now and hope it turns around when the season starts given the types of players who are getting into the games right now. I don’t know. Shake it off Hill and let’s all just move on to the next game.

On a positive note Lahey (that’s right Lahey…he’s earned the right to not be called “Not Scott Kazmir” as I have been calling him with his pitching lately) looked great again pitching out of a bases loaded jam in 1 1/3 innings giving up no hits and picking up another strike out. What a great surprise this kid has been.

Pie has me a little concerned, or should I say his groin has me concerned. If this ‘minor groin surgery’ he’s coming off, resulting in him missing up to 5 days, is taking care of the twisted testicle he suffered from earlier this Spring, then fine it’s done with. But given I’d like to see Pie as our guy in CF for the entire ’08 season, I hope this isn’t something that keeps coming back. It’ll be interesting to see if Fuld takes advantage of this additional playing time.

One thing that did come back was Derosa and it was great having him back. Picture_2_2 Hearing what he’s been saying in interviews sounds like he’s in a great place mentally. He just has to get over the fear of something happening since he did just come off heart surgery. The fact that he put the ball in play in all three at-bats with his mind not quite right, I believe is a great start and sign of things to come. He may have gone 0-3, but he’ll get to where he needs to be after he gets used to seeing live pitching again and becomes more comfortable with playing after surgery. Welcome back Mark…good to see you back.

And on a more “Wait, what?” note…Billy Crystal will sign a one day contract with the Yankees on Wednesday and he will play in their game against the Pirates on Thursday. Picture_1_8 As if Clemens, Petitte and Hank Steinbrenner aren’t making the Yankees a big enough laughing stock already. Have fun Billy. 700 Sundays and one Thursday. Billy Crystal: Yankee. I look forward to hating you for the day. GO CUBS GO!Blogfooter2rectangle_22