The Dark Crystal (2008)


Barry Bonds. Andy Petitte. Roger Clemens.

Misremembering HGH. D-Lee’s Spring. Ichiro’s streak.

Billy Crystal.

How much more can baseball possibly take?

Apparently baseball thinks it can take A LOT.

Picture_8*The Yankees have officially reported they and comedian Billy Crystal have come to terms on extending 1-day agreement into a 7-day contract and the Commissioner has approved the negotiations. In the upcoming week of Spring Training, fans can now expect Yankee line-ups to include some variation of the following additional camp invitees, resulting in possible batting orders such as:

Billy Crystal, 2B

Fernando Lamas, CF

Sammy Davis, Jr., RF

Muhummad Ali, LF

Howard Cosell, 1B

Mike Mazowski, RF

Rodriguez, 3B

Jeter, SS

Wang, P (when facing an NL opponent).

Crystal’s request to have Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg signed as well were denied. Williams was not available for comment but his representation said the news has upset their client and kept his applause barometer in an extremely inactive state. Goldberg’s media rep denies claims that Whoopi was not signed because she refused to adhere to the Yankees ‘appearance code’. Johnny Damon couldn’t get away with it and there won’t be any ‘Whoopi being Whoopi’ in Spring Training this year either.

I think inviting celebrities to play with our major league teams definitely takes something away from the game. It is Spring Training for MAJOR LEAGUE baseball…not Rock ‘n’ Jock. Or in Crystal’s case, Mock ‘n’ Jock. And honestly, with his first game against Pittsburgh, haven’t the Pirates suffered enough? They are horrible as it is. Imagine if Mr. Saturday Night embarrases them for the afternoon?

Too bad there’s no chance of it happening to the Brewers. Now THAT would be ‘Mahvelous’.

As for the Cubs, I hope Lee is in the line up tomorrow. I don’t care what he says. Lou’s right. He needs the at-bats. And he needs them fast.

GO CUBS GO! Beat those Padres tomorrow!Blogfooter2rectangle_24

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