I’m Sorry, Did You Say Wood?


Apparently Wood has become the favorite to be selected as the Cubs closer.

I’m sorry, what?


I’m still expecting Marmol to be announced as the Cubs closer. Piniella is talking as if the set up role is almost more important lately and that Marmol would take that position because Howry has barely shown anything this Spring. I have a hard time believing this decision will actually go this way (and will until it is official) and since Lou’s only been around the organization for a year, I can’t assume its to be attributed to organizational loyalty to Wood. Therefore it has to be performance based and if that’s the case, then I don’t understand. Again, here are the numbers:


Wins: Marmol Edge. ERA: Marmol Edge. Games: Tied. Saves: Tied (1). IP: Tied (7) Hits: Marmol Edge. Runs: Marmol Edge. ER: Marmol Edge. HR: Tied (1). Walks: Wood Edge. K’s: Marmol Edge (8-4).

Does anyone have any idea why he’s leaning towards Wood? He says if Wood shows he can do it in consecutive days then he’s the guy. Why? Because he’s hitting 95-98mph on the radar? So what, so can Marmol. I wonder if Marmol is going to get the consecutive days test as well this week. If he does, and he passes, I see no reason to give the closer role to Wood. Judging by their Spring numbers listed above, Marmol has a huge edge over both Wood and Howry (Howry’s numbers are so far behind, I didn’t even bother include him in the Edge Comparisons.

As for today’s game, it’s great to see Soriano have a 3-4 day including a HR…and in the 2-hole nonetheless (guessing Lou was loving that too). Another horrible day for Lee and the best thing that happened to Pie was an 0-1 appearance for Fuld. Zambrano looks great, very excited about that…nearly perfect through five innings.

I couldn’t wait for baseball to return and Spring Training is always a great appetizer. But at this point, March 31st can’t get here fast enough!


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