If For No One Else, For Her


Cubsfancrying2I don’t know who she is.  She’s clearly a Cubs fan.  But besides that, she apparently has somehow become the internet’s favorite depiction of the Cubs’ fan base and their struggles over the past 100 years. 

She’s everywhere.  Any time a fan of the Brewers or Cardinals or insert team name here decides to make fun of the Cubs or their fan base, 9 times out of 10 you will see this picture attached.  Are there no other recorded images of Cubs fans crying?  Not one?  Why is it that this girl has become the third most present Cubs fan on-line next to Bill Murray and Steve Bartman?  Did she ever attend a game where she had a good time?  She must’ve attended a game where the Cubs won, right?  Does anyone know who this girl is?  And if so, do you have any proof of her enjoying herself as a Cubs fan ever so that maybe these people who have been using her picture as a crutch all these years can finally stop and come up with a new way of depicting the misery Cubs fans have experienced?  I mean, it hasn’t been all bad…surely somewhere there are people who have pictures of themselves enjoying a Cubs victory.  I urge all Cubs fans who read this to post your example of this or a link to it.  Maybe then baseball fans who don’t root for the Cubs can start to realize its all its cracked up to be and that they are missing out on much more than just goat curses and black cats. 

I also urge you to post a picture or a link to you crying at a Cubs game or because of a Cubs loss.  There are so many baseball writers focusing on the 100 years the Cubs have gone without a championship, surely they don’t all want to use the same picture.  Let’s help these guys out.  At least if they are going to focus on the negatives, we can mix it up a bit and prevent ourselves from having to view this one image every time, this one moment in time and this one Cubs fan among millions of others suffering in every single article that is on-line aiming to describe the sad existence that is being a Cubs fan (yes, that was sarcasm you sensed there).

Sure, 100 years is a long time and there is plenty to write about in what’s become a history leading people to think of the Cubs everytime they hear the phrase "Wait until next year".  But come on…one of you professional baseball writers, write an article about why its so great to be a Cubs fan.  Break the mold.  And if you HAVE to please your editor and write another story about Cubs fan misery, a century in the making…AT LEAST include a different picture/fan in doing so.

Unless of course, this particular girl reads this and actually enjoys being the international symbol for Cubs fan misery.  Then by all mean, keep it up.  It has been 100 years after all where hopes and dreams of a Cubs championship have been wiped away in one way or another…it’s the least you could do in not taking this away from her too.

Looking forward to seeing the submissions. You can email them to me at proseandivy@cubsmvp.com and whatever photos I receive I will post in an album here on Prose and Ivy.  And if any current Cub happens to read this, please refer back to the title and let’s end the curse, shock the world and win it all THIS year…if for no one else, well…you know.  Go Cubs Go!