‘Z’ Day is Finally Here!


zambrano openind day 2008.pngAbout two hours from now the Chicago Cubs will start their quest of winning the Major League Baseball championship for 2008.  After following every move the team made all offseason closely and watching every Spring Training game available, I couldn’t be more excited, or more ready.  I think Lou has the team ready to go mentally and physically and I think they’ve made all the right decisions with the roster.  Last year’s battle with the Milwaukee Brewers will probably closely resemble this year’s outcome only I believe the Cubs will win the division by five games over the Brewers this time.  Nothing of course makes this more likely then beating them head to head and today is our first shot at ’em for ’08.

Wrigley is going to be rocking, I just know it.  I can’t wait to hear what people think of the adjustments made to the field and the stadium.  I can’t wait to hear what the players think of it.  I can’t wait to hear the right field bleacher fans’ reaction to Fukudome the first time he takes his place in the outfield wearing number 1, ready to go.  I can’t wait to see if bats that were heating up at the end of Spring continue to do so in the frigid Chicago weather.  I can’t wait to see Zambrano take the mound completely pumped to take the first game in the battle of the Cubs/Brewers and ready to win his first Opening Day.  I can’t wait to see if John Kruk is right about D Lee and that he’s going to be in NL MVP form this year out of the gate and throughout the season.  I can’t wait to see the first ‘W’ flag of the season raised above the scoreboard.  I can’t wait to watch the final out of a game and then see it actually count in the standings.  And I can’t wait to understand how this new blogging format works so I can fully communicate/take advantage of all its functions in enjoying this season with you.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way about an Opening Day before and I’m not sure what exactly is making this one so different.  I’m definitely glad the wait is over though!

Let’s Play Ball…GO CUBS GO!
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3 thoughts on “‘Z’ Day is Finally Here!

  1. So, what did you think about Opening Day? It was Zambrano’s best Opening Day start so far, but the “good” bats must have been lost at O’Hare on the way home. It was a rainy day and the mound was chewed up by the time Wood took over, so hopefully we don’t take away too much from his and Howry’s performance.

  2. Andrew and soxangst-

    It was definitely horrible weather (seemed like nationwide today) and I tuned in as well. It was a disappointing outcome but definitely worth the wait! Other than the Cubs losing, it was a great game.

    I hear you about the ‘good bats’. Offensively they looked really bad today, except Fukudome. Hopefully that changes soon. Maybe it was the weather change…maybe it was because Sheets was on his game…maybe it was Opening Day jitters. I don’t know. Hopefully it doesn’t become something serious this early in the season. A quick start would be great.

    I hear you about the mound late in the game and I pretty much feel the same way about Wood and Howry as I do the ‘good bats’. Wait and see I guess. Hopefully its nothing.

    Zambrano definitely looked great though so that’s encouraging! Lilly’s next! Go Cubs…great hearing from you both…looking forward to talking throughout the season!

    Prose and Ivy

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