Who Cares How….right?


Not the prettiest stretch of baseball, but definitely a successful one.  Taking one of the worst teams in baseball into extra innings and at times playing some seriously ugly baseball somehow became the formula to a successful 3-0 road series against the Pirates.  The sweep gives the Cubs a 5 game winning streak…wow.

Not exactly the way you would think a 5-game winning streak would go, is it?  But, hey, we’ll take it!  You know there will be times where other teams play horrible baseball and somehow defeat the Cubs…we might as well take ours when we can. 

Aside from Hill, Lee, Fukudome and Ramirez we played really well today.  That’s amazing that we could actually win a game by a significant margin when the players singled out as having horrible games are the number 3, 4 and 5 hitters and starting pitcher!  Yes, I believe that is the exact definition of winning ugly.  Let us be the ugliest successful team in the history of baseball.  The trophy will still be beautiful.
world series trophy.pngSoto, Fontenot and Theriot all had great days and Soriano held his own in the leadoff spot, including delivering a stolen base.   Wood was lights out  (very encouraging) bringing his ERA down to 6.00 for the season and he, Howry and Lieber pitched really well today out of the bullpen.  Good to see Howry have a good day. 

I am a little concerned about Derosa.  I don’t know where his head’s going to be at over the next few weeks after the huge event he suffered through last night in his personal life.  As if the illness, an irregular heartbeat and trade rumors weren’t enough, now Derosa’s favorite American Idol contestant has been eliminated from the show.  While Fontenot had a great game today, hopefully it won’t be long until Derosa can fully recover and get back to the place he needs to be mentally to perform on the high level that is expected of him.   Thanks Michael Johns.  Thanks a lot. 

Marquis won’t be starting the first game against the Phillies.  Instead, Zambrano will pitch in his place. 

Oh and Pignatiello…you’ve probably noticed.  That’s not heaven…it’s Iowa. 
Go Cubs Go!
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