Dempster v. Peavy and…Curt Schilling?


Arguably the Cubs MVP of last season, Ryan Dempster takes the mound today against San Diego and coveted starting Padres pitcher, Jake Peavy.  Talk about a game that has something for everyone.  Padres fans get to see how their team is doing and shaping up, Cubs fans get to see how their ballclub looks as they hope to extend their Spring winning streak to five and baseball fans get to see presumably two innings of Spring pitchers’ duel between two of the strongest starting pitchers in the NL Central.

Watching what Dempster offers up is always fun to watch and it will be interesting to see Peavy up close and personal. The guy many of us Cubs fans were hoping would be added to the starting rotation by Opening Day, displaying why we hope the young pitching we obtained in trades for Pie and DeRosa magically morph into ‘Peavy’ on the Opening Day roster. Chances of that trade happening are slim at this point, but still it will be fun to check out.

Apparently there is another pitcher on the Cubs’ radar that could be a much more likely solution when it comes to the fifth spot in the rotation this year.  That recent development?  Curt Schilling.

Mr. Clutch.  Mr. Literal Red Sox.  Mr. Need a Championship?  I’m Your Guy, Curt Schilling.  

Is it still possible for him to deliver as he has in the past after missing last season?  Who knows.  Would I prefer Peavy?  Of course.  But if Peavy isn’t coming…who would you rather?  Heilman, Marshall…or take a chance on Schilling?  I’d take my chances on Schilling.  Reports have it that if he were to join the team, he’d probably be ready to contribute come mid-season on out, no sooner.  He wouldn’t cost too much either…which combined with his resume and playoff experience sounds like a bargain to me.  Tampa Bay is the other team Schilling is considering offering his services to if said team were to be interested.  They haven’t won the big one either, but come on.  If you’re going to make a last ditch statement in your already Hall of Fame credential career by helping a team end their championship drought, where better to do it than in Chicago with the Cubs?  Nowhere.  Chicago Cubs is the no-brainer choice between the two.  

Now it’s just a matter of whether Hendry and company feel like he’s worth a chance.  I know I think he is.  Until then, looking forward to enjoying another Spring outing by Dempster and seeing what may still be in a Cubs uniform this season in Jake Peavy.

Curt Schilling…possibly in a Cubs uniform this season, huh?  Didn’t see that coming…you?

Do your thing today Demp…Go Cubs Go!


8 thoughts on “Dempster v. Peavy and…Curt Schilling?

  1. Half a season of Schilling certainly would be intriguing. I’m looking for the Cardinals to do something similar, if needed. So far Carpenter is doing well and feeling good…and a rotation led by a healthy Carp and Wainwright is easily among the best in the league. But SO many pitchers are still unsigned! And I won’t even get into how many young position players the Cards have as possible trade bait. The days of having your season roster set by Feb. 1 are over…which could make the rivalry like a roller coaster ride this year more than ever!


  2. Hmmm…I’m starting to like the idea of Curt Shilling fitting in with the Cubs, especially since he’s done so well in the playoffs. That might be the kind of player we need, and if we can get him without paying too much, it seems like a great gamble to me.

    Go Cubs!

  3. I think what can be learned from last season, and has since become my new mlb slogan is that, after watching the Ray’s, Twins and White Sox, Red Sox, & Marlins, we learned that youth serves in the new post steroid era, hence my new slogan “youth is the new steroid” So my advise for the Cubbies forget Curt find someone in the system.

  4. Schilling isn’t my favorite personality – and who knows if he’s got anything left in the tank – so I wouldn’t be that excited about signing him. I don’t see him as a good fit with Lou either, but maybe I’m wrong.

  5. at first schilling sounded like a good idea, but then i remembered how i think hes kind of a crybaby (i may be going too hard on him, i just dont like the guy) and hes been injured and hasnt pitched in a while so id rather not have him in chicago

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