The Great Debate – Why is this your team’s year?


Alright Cub fans, let me hear from you…your best argument to all other baseball fans as to why THIS YEAR is THE year that we finally claim another championship, our first since 1908!!  Fans of other teams…feel free to tell us why we’re crazy to think so…again.

Go Cubs Go!

12 thoughts on “The Great Debate – Why is this your team’s year?

  1. Let’s say I Hope and Pray that this is the year for the Cubs!
    After suffering the past two years with very embarrassing post seasons, I hope that the Cubs, who once again, look great on paper, can take the steps necessary to finally put the term “lovable losers” to rest. Personally, I feel, that Mark DeRosa will be greatly missed.

  2. Why will the Cubs win it all this year?

    We’ve put together a great team that’s made the playoffs the last two years, had the best record in the NL last season, and sooner or later we’re going to break though. Everyone knows that if you play with fire long enough, eventually you’re going to get burned. Well, the Cubs have a team that should make the postseason again, and all the naysayers out there should realize that pretty soon, we’re going to win in the playoffs, and win it all.

  3. Why will the Rays win it all?
    We went from zero to hero last year. Beating all the odds and the Red Sox too! This year we have a strong 5 man rotation, and added Pat Burrell to the lineup. David Price may or may not make that #5 spot right now, but most teams are dreading the day he does (which will be this year). There have been very few tweaks to the team. If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Go Rays!!!

  4. Why the Indians Win it All in 2009
    The management went out in the offseason and filled the biggest holes. We needed a closer; they got Kerry Wood. We needed an infielder; they got Mark DeRosa. Sorry Cubs fans. We have amazing depth in the minors. Carlos Santana, Matt LaPorta, Trevor Crowe and Michael Brantley could all be playing in the majors this year if we didn’t have such a good team already there. The only question mark is the starting rotation. Cliff Lee will not have a year like last year but he will have a strong year. Fausto Carmona is my pick for the AL’s 2009 Cy Young. He has found his control and rhythm again and should be back to 2007 form. Anthony Reyes is healthy and is showing this Spring that he is ready for the season. The fifth starter has not been decided but there are four or five who could get the call up if the one who is chosen is not effective. They all have minor league options. Carl Pavano is a huge question mark. I think he will be solid. He has something to prove to everyone and he finally found someone who will believe in him and give him a chance. Sometimes that’s all someone needs. Oh yeah and two words: Grady Sizemore. He will explode this year. 40/40 year and great defense as usual.
    Thanks for the invite!

  5. Thanks for the invite, Ryan!

    The Braves look like a totally different team this season. Last year was a debacle in terms of injuries; Hudson, Smoltz, Hampton (of course), Moylan, Gonzalez, and Soriano are among the pitchers that I can name off the top of my head that were injured at some point during the season. This year, the pitching staff is totally revamped. The additions of Kawakami, Lowe, and Vasquez cement the reliabilty of the starting pitching to a great extent, with last year’s rookie phenom Jair Jurrjens and a healthy Tommy Glavine to round out the staff. If necessary, star prospect Tommy Hanson is always available for callup. The bullpen also looks totally healthy and ready to go.
    Offensive changes were scarce, but the addition of Garrett Anderson was a big one; with Matt Diaz back, a successful and deadly platoon can be set up. The offense is young and reliable, minus Chipper Jones, who Omar Infante or Martin Prado will do a good job filling in for when he is out.
    But I believe pitching wins championships. Last year’s team just showed how weak a team could get without reliable pitching. I think the Braves have what it takes this year to win the 09 World Series. They’ll probably get there through the wildcard path, with Philly winning the division. But it won’t be easy! Go Braves, and thanks again for the opportunity, Ryan!

  6. Thanks for the comment, I like your blog!
    Why we will win this year:
    We fixed almost every problem from last year on the offseason. Instead of fragile Orlando Hudson, we have durable Felipe Lopez at second base. While his glove isn’t as great, he will not get injured in the middle/end of the season. We now have a reliable closer in Chad Qualls, instead of unstable Brandon Lyon. Yes, letting Juan Cruz go and getting Scott Schoenweiss was stupid but because we now have a set rotation that’s all under 35, and Yusmeiro Petit is waiting for just the right moment to help out in the rotation, and I think he’ll be needed. My prediction is that Webb will get injured, and Petit will come in to be #4 or 5, Haren will finally be great through the whole season and keep his ERA down, be in the top 3 for strikeouts again, this time he may get 20 wins. We will win the wild card, and then go on a rampage through the playoffs, with everyone contributing…seriously, we have Tony Clark as our team leader, and almost everyone can play at least 2 positions. That versatility is what makes us rock, and is why we’ll be the champions!

  7. Thanks for the invite Ryan, but I don’t actually think the Twins are going to win the World Series this year. They probably won’t even make the playoffs, the Indians will probably end up winning the division. I do think that they could do it sometime in the next couple of years, but the bullpen is still kind of a mess and they still lack a lot of offensive power. And an everyday third baseman.The Cubs, on the other hand, might have a decent shot. They should easily win the NL Central, and their biggest threat in the playoffs will likely come from the Dodgers and whoever wins the NL East. I am not sure if they can beat whichever AL team wins the pennant, but you never know. Maybe this will finally be their year.-Erin

  8. Thanks for the invitation. Rarely, am I actually asked to talk about my Cardinals!
    The Cardinals formula for success is this: Healthy Carpenter + Healthy Albert Pujols + Healthy Adam Wainwright + Healthy Gold Glove Catcher(Molina) + Offensive upgrade at shortstop (Khalil Greene) + Lots of young, hungry talent + a better bullpen + magic pitching coach (Dave Duncan) + crafty Tony LaRussa = Total Cardinals World Domination.
    We have the talent and a skipper that knows what to do with it. We just have to keep key players healthy and on the field. Despite all the injuries last year, we finished the regular season with a winning record and more wins than in 2006 when we won the World Series. The injuries did allow inexperienced players to get play time, which has made us deeper. We only have to be a little better than last year, and that is so do-able.

  9. Why the Blue Jays will win it all this year?
    Nobody knows us? Other than Halladay, this is 2 to 5 in our rotation right now (i.e. Litsch, Purcey, Romero and Richmond). Matching up against the Yankees rotation, the Red Sox starters and Tampa’s impressive young pitchers might be difficult, but some of these players might sneak up you! There is also the ‘Cito effect’ we call it! Cito Gaston came back to the Jays late season, and the team showed a vast improvement. Hitting, pitching – virtually everything improved. I wish we were in the NL West, we like the competition however! A healthly Rios, Rolen and Vernon could make a triumpherate at the plate?

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