Gimme an All-Star Break!

all star game logo 2009.png

Three and half games back at the break.  Could be a lot worse considering how often we’ve had our starting lineup in there.  Regardless…it’s really not that bad of a place to be at the break so regarding what to focus on, how about: congratulations again Ted Lilly for being selected to represent the Chicago Cubs in the All-Star game tomorrow night.  As usual nowadays, home field advantage in the Series is on the line and really, the American league has won far too many of these games lately.  Let’s go National League, let’s get that W tomorrow night!

Watching the derby now, they’re up to Pena first round.  I decided I’m taking Mauer before this thing started and I’m sticking to it.  We’ll see!  St. Louis is a great park for this event…division rivals or not, I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of damage Pujols does in front of his home crowd. 
In celebration of the All-Star break, I finally got my parade photos from last year when the Cubs had eight all-stars on the roster!  Here are the photos I was able to rip from my phone.  They are phone pics mind you, so that should explain the quality.  Enjoy the pics, enjoy the derby and let’s hopefully enjoy watching Lilly get the W in a National League win tomorrow night!
Kosuke Fukudome and “Mr. Cub” Ernie Banks
fukudome and ernie parade.jpg
Ryan Dempster
ryan dempster parade.jpg
Billy Williams and Ferguson Jenkins
fergie jenkins and billy williams.jpg
Ryne Sandberg
ryne sandberg parade.jpg
Geovany Soto
geo parade.jpg
Alfonso Soriano
soriano parade.jpg
Go Cubs Go!  Let’s get that home field advantage, National League!
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5 thoughts on “Gimme an All-Star Break!

  1. If the Cubs played to their potential they would be leading the division by 5 or 6 games at least. Milton Bradley could be considered a bust and Ramirez has missed a lot of time. With Ramirez back that NL Central race should get interesting.

  2. The Cubs are merely underachieving. Which is fixable. And cheap to fix. When Alfonso, Fuko, and Bradley start hitting and Ramirez gets really healthy and gets back to the way he was hitting, the Cubs will be a force. They are going to have a big second half.

  3. I was browing your blog and saw trailer for the recent movie about the Cubs. Have you seen it? I know the premiere was a few weeks ago. It was a fairly big deal up in Chitown. I would have killed to have had premiere tix. Guess I’ll wait for the DVD.

  4. I’m excited for the second half. We are a good team that’s been slowed down by injuries and slumps, but I feel that we’re going to put it together pretty soon. Neither the Cardinals nor Brewers have a better team than we do, and there’s no reason we can’t beat them out for the division title. Go Cubs Go!

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