Andre Dawson – Hall of Fame Class of 2010


“And at the end of seven, it’s Dawson 5, Phillies 3.”

As for today, at the end of nine years, it’s Dawson 1, Everyone else 0.

The quote listed above is from Harry Caray in calling Andre Dawson’s classic three run home run game against Philadelphia on August 1, 1987.  Hawk had five RBI on the three home runs and nearly single handedly defeated the Phillies.  At the top of the ninth the graphic on the screen actually read: Top of the 9th, Dawson 5, Phillies 3.  An unbelievable performance from what is now, an official hall of famer.

Like that day in 1987, today was all about Andre Dawson.  If Andre Dawson’s living room were complete with a right field bleacher section, I’m sure it would’ve been filled with shirtless, thrilled Cubs fans bowing to the great outfielder as he heard the news that he was the only person to receive enough votes today from the BBWAA to be elected into Cooperstown.

What that moment must have been like for Dawson after an amazing career and 14 years after he last played in an MLB game.  Nine years of will he or won’t he, with the most recent years having him come within even 44 votes of being elected.  Dawson recently mentioned that while many HOFers were telling him it was only a matter of time before the player they respected so much got the call, 44 votes was a large jump for where he was and perhaps this wouldn’t be the year.  After all, he was a Cub and they are used to looking forward to next year.

In 2010, there is no more waiting until next year for this Cub.  Andre Dawson is the sole player to be voted into the baseball Hall of Fame.

Sandberg mentioned Hawk in his induction speech.  It will be interesting to hear what Andre has to say in his. Immediately after I heard the news today I started calling around to hotels in the Cooperstown area.  I wanted to make sure that I had a room reserved so that I don’t miss the induction ceremony come July 25th.  You know Cubs fans.  We show up everywhere!  Forget sell outs at Wrigley game in and game out…Cubs fans show up on the road, at conventions and anywhere else we can to support the team.  I spoke to a women working for the BBHOF today and she mentioned that some years, they’ve had as many as 80,000 show up for the induction speeches.  Granted, I’m sure those were years when more than one player was voted in.  Still, Cubs fans are Cubs fans and I know that tiny town in upstate NY will be loaded with them come July.  I know I’ll be there and I can’t wait to capture and remember every moment of the weekend.

When I got home today I had to write again how amazing it is for Andre and say congratulations once more.  I immediately threw on his three home run game from the Cubs legends DVD collection and just got finished watching it. So cool to be able to relive that incredible performance.  In addition to writing this post, I also shot my first Prose and Ivy vlog for the site which is posted below and on my new youtube channel to partner up with this blog.  You can check out the site and leave comments on my blog here (obviously) and leave comments on my videos on youtube…the channel is called ProseAndIvyTV…by clicking here.

Here is the video I shot today about Dawson getting into the Hall of Fame:

Congratulations again to Andre “The Hawk” Dawson!  Baseball Hall of Fame – Class of 2010.  You deserve it and I’m thrilled for you.  Go Cubs Go!

6 thoughts on “Andre Dawson – Hall of Fame Class of 2010

  1. I always wrestled with The Hawk’s HOF cred. Now that he’s in, He Deserves it. I’m glad he made it. When I think 80’s, one of the first thought bubbles to form over my head is that of Andre Dawson. I’m glad I no longer have to wrangle with that anymore. Now I’m caught between a CUBS hat or the EXPOS. The Expos? the team Selig foreclosed on? Will the HOF put him in wearing a defunct name’s cap?

  2. Congratulations to Dawson! He absolutely deserves this, and after all those years on the ballot, it must be such a relief/celebration… Of course, that would be such a downer if he went into the hall with an Expos cap, but he DID win the MVP and have 5 All-Star appearances with Cubs.

  3. Sorry but it would be a miscarriage of tradition and justice if the Hawk does not go into the HOF as an Expos defunct or not. Cubs fan are trying to justify a guy who is born and raised by the Expos organisation. MLB HOF is about loyalty, tradition and fairplay!! The Expos were a great franchise and should be remembered and respected as such eventhough they are no more.

  4. The HOF is fast becoming a joke. This guy was at best slightly above average baseball player his numbers just are not what a HOF baseball player should be. Next we will get a mediocre pitcher named Byeleven and then a stinking DH. Alomar and larkin should of been in the rest should not.

  5. i agree he should go in as an expo, but it’s his choice. the expos, however, were not a great franchise. they put up a winning record about once every three years and made it to the playoffs once in 35 years. without scouring all the stats, i wouldn’t hesitate to say that they were the weakest franchise in the modern baseball era, and the nats seem to be keeping that tradition alive.

  6. How is it determined which team an inductee to the BBHOF will represent (when more than one team paid for the player’s services?) The impression that it remains the choice of the inductee must be in error, since “the Hawk” would go in as a Cub not an Expo (unless Dawson is putting a spin on it to settle angry Cub fans down.)

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