Pitch In


Those of you who read this blog and own an MLBlog of your own are probably already familiar with Zack Hample.  If you are not already familiar with this ball snagging phenom (seriously, his commitment to snagging baseballs…if the rest of applied it to our own passions it would be scary what we could accomplish)…here is a video showing him on CBS discussing some of the best tricks in the game when it comes to taking home a baseball from the next game you attend.


Now, Zack has been on countless TV shows, in numerous publications and even has his own books out about his passion and various aspects of the game itself so it’s not like my mentioning him here is going to do much in getting the word out about him.  However, what I do hope it helps is get the word out about the charity Zack works with on a regular basis called, Pitch In For Baseball.

Pitch In For Baseball is an amazing organization that provides the proper equipment needed to kids around the world so they too can enjoy the great game some of us may take for granted.  Think of the local baseball field and your experiences playing the game growing up.  Probably some great memories, yes?  Imagine having no gloves, cleats, bats, balls, etc around to do so.  Honestly, if it were me and that experience was taken away from me, that would’ve been tragic.  Last year, every ball Zack snagged raised money for Pitch In For Baseball.  You are able to donate as much as you’d like per ball and every little bit helps.  I recall seeing the joy on kids’ faces when they were showing footage of kids getting soccer/futbol equipment around the world during the World Cup and it made me happy to have taken part in the same type of effort through PIFB.  There are organizations out there working hard to provide medicine, vaccines, water, food and of course all of these things take precedent over baseball equipment.  However there is something special about being given an opportunity to play a great game and dream about playing like your favorite players that deserves recognition, respect and action as well.  The group does a great job and I just wanted to take a moment to mention them here and provide you with the info you would need in order to help. 

The group’s website is found at http://pitchinforbaseball.org/html/index.html and Zack’s charity pledge page can be found at http://www.zackhample.com/charity.php.  I’m pledging to help with what I can this year.  I have a new little baseball guy on the way and come October he’ll be on his own little journey to hopefully enjoy the game as much as I do.  If we lived in a country where we needed help to make that happen, I’d hope others would help him out as well.  Check it out and do what you can.  Thanks for reading.  Go Cubs Go.

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