Chicago Cubs Chapter of the BBA votes for NL Manager of the Year (The Connie Mack Award)


Had Mike Quade been the Cubs manager and posted an over.600 winning percentage for all of 2010, I do believe the Cubs Chapter would have unanimously voted for Mike Quade for NL Manager of the Year (winner of the BBA- Baseball Bloggers Alliance– Connie Mack Award).  Considering he came in late in the season to relieve Lou of his duties, voting for our own didn’t make a lot of sense.  As fans we may be die-hard Cubs, but when it comes to recognition and deserving talent as recipients of year-end awards, you have to go with your head.

As Cubs Chapter president, I had the honor of collaborating with my fellow Cubs bloggers in deciding on which NL manager would be receiving our two votes:
After tallying up our individual two cents/votes, the race came down to a two-man competition.  Dusty Baker and his performance with the Reds and Bruce Bochy’s body of work in 2010 leading the San Francisco Giants.  For me personally, it is always a matter of wins vs. losses and what pieces were dealt to the manager to win with.  Is his ballclub young?  Was there much adversity?  Were they expected to win?  How did they live up to expectations?  How did they perform this year in comparison to last year and how did they do under their current manager compared to other managers leading a similar roster/ballclub?
When weighing all of those variables plus others, the Cubs Chapter of the BBA has decided to commit our two votes (by way of majority rules within the Chapter) for NL Manager of the Year – The Connie Mack Award – to Dusty Baker of the Cincinnati Reds.  (Final vote: Baker 3, Bochy 2 and in honor of the work Quade did with the Cubs rounding out the year, he gets our 3rd place vote as all BBA ballots require three nominees – a few blogs abstained from voting). Majority rules so Baker gets both of our BBA Cubs Chapter votes this year.
Looking forward to seeing how the other Chapters of the BBA voted and which NL manager wins the BBA’s Connie Mack Award for the 2010 MLB season! And on a separate note….Go Cubs Go!

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