What would it take to make the Cubs unstoppable?


Yes, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter.  Yes, I have some ideas of my own.  Yes, I wanted a lame excuse to post this hilarious SNL digital short here on the blog because it’s hilarious.  Yes, I realize I used the word hilarious twice in that last sentence.  Yes, I know what a thesaurus is.

Things I believe would make the Cubs unstoppable in 2011: a miracle, an ace starting pitcher, more Colvin/less Fukudome, a power hitting first baseman, a repeat performance by Marlon Byrd, Soriano does his impression of Cocoon 3, Quade convinces Castro he’s up for rookie of the year honors again therefore avoiding any possibility of the young one having a mental sophomore slump, Marmol reaches 96 saves, Todd Ricketts appears on Millionaire Matchmaker, Say Yes to the Dress, International House Hunters and Celebrity Apprentice, the Cardinals close their doors forever, the Reds are moved to the American League and last but not least, we sign Mike Schmidt to manage our AAA club.  That’s right, take that, Phillies.


List in the comments what you think it would take to make the Cubs unstoppable in 2011!  Go Cubs Go!


3 thoughts on “What would it take to make the Cubs unstoppable?

  1. What would make the Cubs unstoppable? Sign Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford. Trade for Adrian Gonzalez. Add a legitimate lead off hitter like Brett Gardner, or somebody that can steal 80-90 bases a year. Make some key trades to improve the starting rotation and shore up the bullpen. That’s all. Of course, I’m living in a fantasy world!

  2. A power hitting first baseman for sure. Paul Konerko, where are you?

    Malon Byrd to have another all star performance and my man, Starlin Castro to avenge his loss to Buster Posey for rookie of the year and have an mvp year.

    That’s what it would take. Oh yeah and Mike Schmidt.

    –Mark Gauthier

  3. The Cubs need a miracle for 2011….like signing Cliff Lee and trading Fukudome for Adrian Gonzalez. Truthfully though, we need to build a dynasty from the ground up. I’m not worried about next year…..I’m more concerned about the next decade!


    P.S. Getting Schmidt would be great!

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