Testing Out the New Digs – MLBlogs Now on WordPress


Lots of updating still left be done to the site now that MLBlogs has switched over to WordPress, but so far so good.

Interested to hear what you guys think of the new look.

Still importing videos and images that were on the site before that apparently are still held up in WordPress customs. When I first logged on after the switch it looked like Prose and Ivy had been sent through an Etch-a-Sketch. Now, it’s starting to come together but would love to hear your thoughts.

One thing that will be posted to the site this week that I couldnt’ get up last week because of the construction is a bunch of fan Prosecards from Cubs Nation interviews I conducted a few weeks ago. I received some great answers from a number of fans and I look forward to sharing them with you here.

A post regarding my recent trip to Wrigley will be up soon as well including photos. I already miss the old layout of my site, but I’m coming around to building the new look. One thing I’ll be changing soon I think is the author photo. I made it the same one I use on Twitter for continuity, but I have some nice shots from Wrigley that I think would up the Cubs feel a bit and suit the ‘gravatar’ needs quite nicely.

Lots more Prose and Ivy Cubs coverage is on the way, starting today! Thanks for hanging in there while the site platform was under construction this past week…site has a new look, but I’ll be continuing to give you strong Cubs content as best I know how.

Go Cubs Go!

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