Prosecard from Cubs Nation – Christin Haws


One of my favorite Prose features is the Cubs fan interview series I do called “Prosecards from Cubs Nation”. It’s always fun to hear more about why different fans root for the Cubs and how they would react in hypothetical situations regarding their favorite baseball team. Whether it’s someone I meet at a game, or someone I meet on Twitter or some other social media site…it’s always fun to have a chance to learn more about a fellow Cubs fan.

Today’s Prosecard is with Christin Haws, otherwise known as @kikiwrites on Twitter. Check out what she has to say about loving the Cubs and the fight they are showing this season. If you want to be interviewed for a feature Prosecard, simply email me at and I’ll send you some questions!

And now…Cubs fan extraordinaire, Christin Haws!

Name: Christin Haws, KikiWrites if you’re on Twitter.

PROSE AND IVY: Why are the Cubs your favorite baseball team?
CHRISTIN HAWS: It’s because of my mother. She shook off her Cardinal fan upbringing and switched sides in a fit of rebellion and chose to raise her children in Cubbie blue.

Actually, it was less deliberate than that. Mom watched/listened to Cubs games (she was brought up in a Cardinals household, but was never much of a fan) and I watched/listened with her. And so, at that impressionable young age, the seeds of love were planted. Now, twenty-some years later, I can’t imagine NOT rooting for the Cubs. They’re my home base.

P&I: Who is your favorite Cub of all-time?
CH: I hate the “favorite” questions because I’m always changing my mind, but in this case I can say with a fair amount of certainty that it’s Andre Dawson. I think the fact that we both played right field and wore number 8 at the same time during my youth sealed the deal. However, Doug Dascenzo will always be my favorite position player pitcher.

P&I: Who is your favorite Cub on the current roster?
CH: Ryan Dempster now that Ted Lilly is gone. Not that I mean to have Demp play second fiddle to Teddy. I love Demp as a pitcher and a person. He makes no excuses when he does poorly and gives away all the credit when he does well. I like watching him pitch because when he has it, it’s awesome, and when he doesn’t have it, he’ll do whatever it takes to find it. Lilly had the upperhand in my favoritism when he was on the team because he’s left-handed. I’m curiously biased like that.

P&I: What is your favorite thing about Wrigley Field and what would be the first thing you would change?
CH: My favorite thing about Wrigley is the feeling I get when I first see the field. It’s the warm, fuzzy, excited rush of YAY CUBS! No other field can do it to me like that. Oh, baby.

As for changes, aside from moving it closer to my house (that’s more my problem than Wrigley’s; six hour round trips make for long days) and upgrading the player facilities so they can be more comfortable and competitive, I’d like a designated section of the bleachers for the frat party. If you’re just there to drink, you sit there so you don’t bother the people who are there to watch the game. And any home run hit into that section is immediately recovered and given to a fan who knows the inning, score, and/or name of the opposing team.

P&I: What former Cub deserves a statue on Wrigley the most out of all the Cubs that either don’t have one or don’t have one planned already? Why?
CH: Unless there’s something in the works that I haven’t heard about, I say Fergie Jenkins. Ernie Banks and Billy Williams have theirs and Ron Santo is getting his, all rightfully so, but I include Fergie in that group of guys. I’d like the complete set.

P&I: If someone asked you ‘what is it like to be a Cubs fan?’ what would your reply be?
CH: I’d tell them that it’s just like being a fan of any other team except that the insult bullseye on your back is bigger, the World Series drought jokes are staler, and the fan base is so polarized between delusional optimists and suicidal pessimists that you sometimes feel like there’s no happy medium. Other than that, it’s totally typical.

P&I: The Cardinals call and ask for a trade of Starlin Castro, Tyler Colvin, Carlos Pena and Carlos Marmol for Albert Pujols. Do you make the deal? Why or why not?
CH: No deal. Pujols is a fantastic player, of this there is no doubt. But I’ve always been big on TEAMS, not just one star guy. I’d rather take my chances with the four than pin all of my hopes on one.

P&I: Which Cubs player would you most like to join Twitter so you could hear their random thoughts on a 24 hour basis?
CH: Koyie Hill. Last season the guy said he had one more home run than a dead man. Clearly, he needs to be sharing thoughts like this on a regular basis.

P&I: Ronnie Woo-Woo approaches you and reveals his biggest secret. He can make a World Series championship happen for the Cubs (he knows a guy) but in order for him to do so, the Cubs would have to give up Wrigley Field the season prior. The WS championship would happen in the first year of the new stadium. Deal, or no deal?
CH: No deal. First of all, the romantic in me wants the World Series won in Wrigley. Second of all, I’m not selling my soul (or any part of me) to Ronnie Woo-Woo. Lastly, it’s Ronnie Woo-Woo. There’s no guarantee I’d hang around long enough to hear his whole spiel.

P&I: How do you plan on celebrating the Cubs next World Series title?
CH: Ideally, I’d celebrate in Chicago, living it up and partying down with my fellow Cubs fans. It’s been a long time coming. That party promises to be epic. I’d take my mom so we could celebrate, at least a little bit, together. She is the reason I’m a Cubs fan, after all.

Realistically, however, I’ll probably have to work the next day, so whatever celebrating I could manage would be delayed until my day off. Or I’d call in sick. For several days.
P&I: What was your first impression when they announced the BP Crosstown Cup?
CH: I had a moment of cynacism and thought, “Great. Another way for White Sox fans to be insufferable.”

P&I: What is your prediction for the 2011 Cubs?
CH: I think because everyone has set the bar so low, they’re going to do better than anticipated. They’re going to have a good year. Maybe not a championship year, but it’ll be good. I think they’re going to end up being a fun team to watch. Not because they’ll win all the time (though I do hope they win a lot), but because they’re actually playing like a team. They’ve got fight this year. I love that.


One thought on “Prosecard from Cubs Nation – Christin Haws

  1. I don’t I’ve ever heard this summarized in such a concise and perfect way. I need this quote on a business card that I can hand out at appropriate times:

    “I’d tell them that it’s just like being a fan of any other team except that the insult bullseye on your back is bigger, the World Series drought jokes are staler, and the fan base is so polarized between delusional optimists and suicidal pessimists that you sometimes feel like there’s no happy medium. Other than that, it’s totally typical.”

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