Garza To The DL With a Bone Contusion? Better To Laugh Than Cry


It’s official. The Cubs sent Matt Garza to the DL today to hang out with the rest of the Cubs potential All-Stars: Byrd and Soto, Pitchers: Wells, Cashner and 2011’s Mark DeRosa: Jeff Baker. Wow, this is a lot to be up against when trying to make up ground in the Central. It seems like every day that passes, you hear about a Cubs injury and then as soon as you accept it and move on, convincing yourself all will be well with the Cub world and we’re back on track regardless, the DL Land Shark comes a’knockin’ at the door again! Well, I say ENOUGH with the ‘candygrams’.

I believe in Quade and what he can pull out of a hat with this team, but come on. The man needs his pieces! The Garza listing is a real blow to the already patchwork quilt of a line-up/rotation Quade is continually forced to put together. I know Cubs fans must be concerned. Am I right? Do all of these injuries to your favorite ballplayers have you down in the Demps, er dumps?

Better to laugh about it than cry!

Here are some videos I thought might lift Cubs fans spirits while browsing the DL. All of them involve something with great potential unexpectedly hurt by non-sense or absolute catastrophy. Sound familiar?

In a season constantly interrupted by chaos and roughly 50% of the games going essentially win, lose, win lose…I think these are perfect for a laugh and to symbolize the up and down nature of the team’s health during the 2011 season. Especially the second video. Every time they react to a Michael Bolton interruption it looks and sounds a lot like I do when I hear about another injury to a Cubs player. You’re welcome. Mets/Cubs tonight. Can’t wait.

Let’s hope the injuries stop here. We can’t continue this trend. We’re already short on quality to bring up to the Bigs to replace the key players we were counting on. I felt like we could compete with the group even with Hill at catcher and hoped that Russell or Coleman would catch on. Now that Byrd and Garza are in trouble, please…attention baseball injury gods…ENOUGH ALREADY. Thank you.

Go Cubs Go!


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