Think My Family’s Excited About Taking the Series From the Mets?


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A picture is worth a thousand words…or at least one Jib Jab video. Feel free to play the video above before reading the rest of the post.

What a great game today. Another laugher as the Cubs take two out of three against the Mets to kick off their nine game home stand. If we were allowed to play all nine last night, then perhaps we would have come back and found a way to sweep them. Unfortunately, the rain had other plans and the Mets escape the broom. I believe if we don’t get out of Wrigley with a 7-2 record this week against the Mets, Astros and Pirates, then it’s a giant missed opportunity to make up some ground. If we take the next two series 2-1 that puts us at 6-3 for the week so we’re now going to have to sweep either the ‘Stros or the Pirates. Would love to see that happen.

Zambrano looked great today as he was dominant on the mound and went 3-for-3 at the plate. Is he fun to watch hit, or what? Pena finally defeated the wind and went yard to put the Cubs ahead 2-1 early on and the rest of the team followed suit. Lots of timely hitting and hustle from the youngsters again and it’s fun to see guys like Campana, Castro and Barney make a difference in the line up. Granted, Campana kind of looks like that punk kid that end up in the Bad News Bears sequels after Amanda was no longer pitching, but hey who am I to hold that against him. The kid is a welcome sight. I just can’t believe yet another hurdle has been presented in Colvin’s career with the Cubs. With Campana contributing it may take another outfielder to go down with an injury for Colvin to see the big league stage again any time soon.

The Mets continued their struggling ways at Wrigley as expected. If it wasn’t for an outing by Berg painting the picture of a call that could have been made by fictitious Indians’ broadcaster, Harry Doyle, perhaps the brooms are out of the closet. I’m hoping this wasn’t our best chance at it among the three opponents we’ll see but something tells me it was. Still shooting for that 7-2 at the end of the home stand and hopefully the Cardinals will do their part and lose along the way.

Great series and I’ll be talking about it tonight as a guest on a Mets podcast called Mets Public Record. Looking forward to it.

UPDATED 11:55pm May 26: Here’s the webisode. I come on at the 14:50 mark. Fun chat with the hosts about the Mets/Cubs series. Check it out:

Way to go Cubs. Keep it up. Go Cubs Go!  JIB JAB!

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