That’s Rare.


A win against the Pirates? Lately, that’s very rare. Did it happen today? Nope. Not today. Aside from a blast by Soriano in the ninth inning to cut the deficit in half, the Cubs weren’t able to come up with much of anything today against the ‘Buccos’. I don’t care for that nickname when it comes to the Pirates. And I don’t care for the fact that they have become a giant thorn in the Cubs side.

Doug Davis once again proved that he is not the answer in replacing Wells or Cashner. Add him to the list of guys who have auditioned for the spot and as Randy Jackson would say, “I don’t know, Dog. For me, it was just a little too pitchy”. Ha. Word play. Anyway, you understand what I’m getting at. Any Cubs fan familiar with the pitching problems we’ve faced since the season started understand what I’m saying. What was painful though was seeing Coleman warming up after Davis did nothing but give up a couple runs. COLEMAN? Isn’t enough that we have to see this kid pitch every five days while filling a rotation spot? Now we have to see him in spot relief as well? I mean, I understand he threw what….five pitches in his last outing before handing the ball to ICEBerg…but still. Every time I see the names DAVIS, COLEMAN, RUSSELL on the back of jerseys it makes we even more anxious for the return of our true four and five.

Thank goodness Zambrano’s doctor visit came up negative and any stiffness he was feeling in his neck turned out to be no big deal. We couldn’t take that right now. Dempster and Zambrano need to be patient and wait a little longer for their turn if they plan on packing their bags and booking a trip to the DL this season. Let’s wait for Garza, Wells and Cashner to send their Prosecards and tell us how great their stint was before we get Z and Demp on Travelocity looking up flights and hotels in sunny, warm, tragic DL-land.

Need to clean up the errors in the field and by clean up, I mean stop them. No more. We are too far back now to allow any unearned runs. Let’s make up some ground with quality baseball and then perhaps think about booting ground balls around the infield. At least give us time to get the rights to the Benny Hill theme song and we can make a real show of it one day in late August when we’re battling for first place and we just laugh it off as a fluke as we continue to blow away the teams we face. (Wouldn’t that be nice?) If we are going to help ourselves and pick each other up, a good place to start would be the ground balls. We pick those up and we could put an end to the unearned and earn our pitchers some W’s.

I still hold on to the goal of a 7-2 home stand. Of course, that would require winning the next five. However, we took the Mets series 2-1, so if we do that to Pittsburgh then we get the Astros who are sitting in the basement of the Central. And what team makes the most sense as far as sweeping is concerned? The one in the basement. Ha. Word play.

Wins against the Pirates have been a rarity recently and that needs to stop. Period. I want back in to the days where I could say ‘We’ll Always Have Pittsburgh’ and I’d like to revisit it as such tomorrow. In the meantime, here is something else that is rare. I came across it on-line just searching ‘rare Chicago Cubs film’. Thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share (like the way Pittsburgh hopefully shares the W’s. One for them…one…two for us. Sounds fair. Enjoy the footage). Go Cubs Go!


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