In-Game Season Anxiety Index – How Do You Feel?


It is currently in the bottom of the third inning in today’s game against the Pirates. Last game of the three game series. Fukudome just hit a leadoff double. I want to know how you feel about the season so far. The Good? The Bad? The Ugly? Let me hear your thoughts as today’s game unfolds. Stop yelling at the TV or telling your friends how much you love such-and-such about the Cubs. Let me hear what you’re thinking about the season so far right here, right now. Looking forward to hearing what everyone is thinking up to this point. Go Cubs Go!


One thought on “In-Game Season Anxiety Index – How Do You Feel?

  1. Like a bad marriage or a misguided military action after a decade, you’ve invested so much time and energy trying to make it work, you can’t imagine walking away.
    The brutal weather this spring hasn’t helped and I hope visions of a new domed stadium aren’t dancing in Ricketts’ head. Cubs seem to have bad luck with waves of injuries and a chronically thin pitching line-up when someone goes down with an injury.
    All I want for an early Christmas present at this point is for the Cubs to not be swept by the Yankees in June. Fantasizing right now about Dempster, Woody and Marmol shutting them down. Now THAT’S Fantasy Baseball! You gotta have dreams.
    But for now, I actually like when the Cubs less than stellar standing early on in the division weeds out the
    faux fans at Wrigley and the die-hards are left.

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