Prosecard from Cubs Nation – Anna Weddell


Today’s Prosecard interview with a Cubs fan features none other than Anna Weddell! She loves Ryne Sandberg, has great analogies for pairing up current Cubs players to the cast of the Wizard of Oz and should be working for Miller Lite’s advertising department!

Check out her answers to the questions below. If you’d like to be featured on Prose and Ivy in an upcoming Prosecard, please email me at and I will send you some questions!

Huge road trip coming up for the Cubs…more on that later today. For now, enjoy your lunch hour with Anna Weddell, fellow Cubs fan and today’s Prosecard from Cubs Nation!

Name:  Anna Weddell

Why are the Chicago Cubs your favorite baseball team?
I have loved the Cubs as far back as I can remember.  My grandpa was a die-hard fan and taught me all about the Cubs and Wrigley Field.  My grandpa was my hero, my mentor and the main person in my life, so whoever he cheered for, naturally I would cheer for.  My fondest memory is getting picked up from kindergarten and coming home to watch the Cubs on WGN.  My first song wasn’t taught by my family, but by Harry Carey during the 7th inning stretch.  I love every new season because I have hope and wonder, Could this be the Year!!  The Cubs have always been in my life and they always will be.

Who is your all-time favorite Cub?
So many to choose from, but I would have to say Ryne Sandberg.  When I was younger I did not want to be him, I wanted to be his double play partner.  That way I could be on the same field as him every day.  As soon as I could play softball, I played shortstop with the dream of playing for the Chicago Cubs.  He was a great 2nd baseman.  He hit for average and power and seemed to make all the routine plays and then made some not so routine plays.  He was my hero. Luckily for me, I was at the game when the organization retired his number.

Who is your favorite Cub on the current roster?
Kerry Wood.  He is a great ballplayer and doesn’t play for the money.  With all the injuries he has suffered through the years, he persevered to become a good set up man.  He is just someone to admire.

Bigger disappointment of recent years:  Soriano or Zambrano?
Soriano.  When the Cubs first signed him, I was excited because he could bring great things to the ball club.  So far, all he has brought are injuries and shaky defense.  Granted when he is hot he can carry the team, but he is cold more often than he is hot.  He swings at bad pitches with runners on, he can’t steal bases anymore and he does not hustle.  At least with Zambrano, we know what to expect.  Sometimes he will lose his temper, but that has always been Z. I would much rather have Z pitch in game 7 of the World Series, then have Soriano up to bat with the winning run on second.

Which Cub do you believe is the biggest game changer?  
Starlin Castro, because he is good a good hitter.  Quade can put him anywhere in the lineup and he knows what his job is in that spot.  He can steal bases and run the bases well.  He takes his fair share of pitches.  He can hit for average or drive in a lot of runs and hit for power.  I think he will be making a few All-Star appearances in the future.

What were your thoughts when news came out about Cashner and Wells going to the DL? 
My first thought was: Crap, two young pitchers are down with arm injuries and will be out for at least 15 days.  My next thought was Please do not let Samardzija start.  He is not starting pitcher material in my eyes. Finally, my last thought was, if the pitchers replacing those two can keep us in games then the Cubs will be okay.  Just get the game to the late inning bullpen guys and we will win more than we lose.

You are Dorothy.  You are traveling down the Yellow Brick West Addison Street with three Cubs as the Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow.  Which Cub fits those roles the best?  Who would be playing each and why?
The Lion would be Zambrano.  He has been a fan favorite and then has had his crazy outbursts at the fans.  He talks a big game in Spring Training and normally does not achieve what he had set out to do.  But he keeps fighting and pitching well.  This year he seems different to me, more genuine and calm.  I think we expect him to have his meltdowns and he needs all the courage to not have any and if he does ; apologize and admit that he was wrong. The Scarecrow would be Kerry Wood.  He has been in the league a long time and can teach the young guys in the bullpen a thing or two.  He also has been a favorite since he came up from the minors.  Injuries then started to pile up on him and some fans, myself included, washed their hands of him.  I did not think I would ever see him wearing Cubbie Blue again.  He has the brains to know that the North Side of Chicago loves him. The Tin Man would be Marlon Byrd. He hustles every play. Plays an excellent center field.  He seems to do everything right.  That is what you want from your big money players.  Hustle, good at-bats, great defense and strong knowledge of what the situation is at any given time.  Some players seem to forget that the fans are the ones that pay to watch them.  Marlon seems to go 110% all the time. He has heart and passion and everyday he puts on the uniform he is going to try and win.

You are head of marketing for Miller Lite and must come up with a catchy slogan for the beer ad addressing the visiting team.  What would you have the sign say for the following teams:  Mets, White Sox, Cardinals, Phillies, Yankees, Brewers?
This was one of the hardest questions I have ever had to answer.  
Mets:  Who wants to place some bets, that we will sweep the Mets.
White Sox:  You can put in on the board:  Another Blown Save
Cardinals:  Hey Pujols, Hope you like pinstripes and Cubbie Blue
Phillies:  Tell Sandberg we said Hi
Yankees:  Good thing the wind is blowing out because the Bronx Zoo is in town
Brewers:  The Brew Crew is doomed we are ready to bring out the brooms

You are able to play catch with one player to ever wear the Cubs uniform.  Who would it be and why?  
Ryne Sandberg because I grew up watching him and I think he is a great guy.  He is a HOF 2nd baseman and would have some great stories about his playing days. He would teach me things and I would just enjoying learning from him.

Do you believe the Cubs are cursed?  Why?
No, I do not believe the Cubs are cursed.  On any given day any team can beat another team.  That is why they play the game.  Sometimes I feel that the Cubs players try too hard in the postseason.  All the players want to end the drought. If they would just play like they did to get to the postseason, they might have a chance. There is no curse, I think it is lack of preparation.  Every team brings their A game and they face the best pitchers and some of the best hitters in the league.  The Cubs just need to have good pitching and defense and the offense will follow.

Which players on the current roster are you excited when you see their name in the lineup and who do you hope doesn’t leave the bench on a given day?
I am excited to see Castro and Barney at the top of the lineup.  They get the offense rolling.  When they are on base, the Cubs will score runs.  The middle of the field is very young but very good right now and I enjoy watching them play every day.  The players I do not want to see are Koyie Hill and Blake Dewitt.  Neither of them have proven to me that they can help the ball club on a given day.  As back-ups they fill the spot but never as an everyday starter.  We have too much talent at 2nd and catcher for them.

How do you feel about Quade over Sandberg?  
At first I was upset about the job going to Quade, but the more I thought about it, it was the right decision.  Sandberg is a hero on the North Side, our HOF 2nd basemen.  He would get cheers at first, but if the club started going south, would fans turn on him, like they do with every other manager.  Anybody can sing the praises of a winning manager but would the North Side still love #23 if the Cubs were horrible?

The Cubs win the World Series and you have to write the headline for the Tribune.  What does it say?
Holy Cow! The Cubs Win it All!
Hey Hey, it might be, it could be it is A Championship for the Chicago Cubs!
Let the Country Celebrate, The Cubs have reached the Promised Land!!

What is your prediction for the Cubs in 2011?
4th place, it is sad to say but I do not think the Cubs can compete with the Reds, Cards, or Brewers.  This team is young and they are rebuilding this year, so 4th place is the best I see them doing.  If they prove me wrong that would be great.

Thanks, Anna! Stay tuned for more on the Cubs’ upcoming trip through St. Louis, Cincinnati and Philadelphia! Go Cubs Go!


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