Se7en Straight – ‘What’s In the Box (Score)!?!’


If this Cubs season was the movie Se7en and today was the final scene, I would be the dishevelled Brad Pitt character, my beloved Cubs would be played by Gywneth Paltrow, Morgan Freeman would represent and Kevin Spacey would represent the Cubs schedule/DL.

Lately, every day I log in to check out a box score, it’s a nasty confirmation of what I keep hoping isn’t really happening. Watch the Cubs go down injury after injury. Watch the Cubs lose game after game after game after game after game after game after game. Seven in a row? Seriously? Is my fear of seeing this season spin completely out of control actually happening? We’re not dead in the water already are we?

I like to think that no, no we’re not. Garza came back and after one rough outing, we must be getting closer to his true value/quality in his second outing, right? I mean, that’s what happened with Wells. He came back from an injury and got rocked in his first game back, however, his second time on the mound after coming off the DL was much better. And isn’t a Zambrano outburst old news by now? Wasn’t it tantrums and outbursts and thrown hats and beat up catchers and dugout outbursts and smashed Gatorade coolers that played a role in spurring us on in previous years? If you look back, won’t you also find that in the box scores?

The schedule is killing us right now. Injuries put us in an extremely vulnerable position and now the schedule is simply killing us right now. Already in a not-so-ideal situation going into the previous homestand against the Mets, Pirates and Astros, it was our performance that let us down. We could have had a 7-2 home stand however we ended up playing below expectations and looked pretty horrible. We couldn’t have had the Mets at a better time. The Pirates were locked in a tie with us in the standings before pulling away. The Astros were essentially calling shotgun for the cellar of the division.


Now, we are only a game ahead of the Astros, barely keeping our stuff out of the basement of the division. The Pirates have unfortunately listened to my post about needing some space, only instead of allowing us to leave them behind, they have done just that to us. Ricketts recently said the only thing that is wrong with this team is injuries. Byrd, Johnson, Cashner, Soriano, Baker. He has a point. However, it’s the guys that are playing that are letting me down. Colvin is hitting around .088? With the opportunity he has been given with the injuries to Johnson and Sori, he needs to be stepping up. He was practically number seven or eight on the organizational depth chart when it came to the outfield just a couple weeks ago. How is he not taking advantage of this opportunity?

Barney and Castro continue to be dependable despite brief lacks in production for each. (Everyone is going to have a small stretch of poor at-bats every now and then). Montanez and Campana are fun to watch, like a side show at the circus or Tomorrowland’s Carousel of Progress right at Disney World. Glimpses into the future of what could be is what it is supposed to offer, however when you go and check out, you feel like you’re seeing more of the same. And Tomorrowland has an excuse, it’s ride is ancient. Montanez and Campana are young kids with, aside from speed, talents that aren’t necessarily offering anything this team doesn’t already have (ok, youth would be on that list as well).

Perhaps this team is simply too old. Perhaps that happened in the winter of 2008. Perhaps Piniella squeezed what little success juice was left in this bunch of vets before heading off to his Tampa orange grove, leaving Quade with nothing but bloody pulp.

Perhaps Quade had all the potential he needed and the ability to take this squad to the type of performance record they reached at the end of last season. Then again, they do say to only weigh March and September with so much salt. Now that we’re seeingthis team go at it from April on, maybe those that made that saying one of those unwritten rules to live by have a point.

It’s good to hear from the Cubs’ beat reporters that the team is still trying to stay loose. Heard mentions of them watching Hangover 2. I believe Hangover: Part 2 will do the trick (although I haven’t seen it yet, the first is HYSTERICAL) and it is also appropriate. This seven game losing streak has provided all of us with quite the hangover.

Now is not the time to give up. It’s only June 7th. We aren’t even half way through the season. Quade needs to keep these guys fighting. No letting down, anything is possible. (Not saying likely, just possible). Time to find where Doug (Davis) is (the way he is pitching this year, his skills may have been killed by Crystal Meth tweakers), become the three best friends there ever, ever was and get everybody on board in one Cubs wolfpack. It doesn’t even matter to me if any of them can remember it the next day or Zambrano goes so far off the deep end, the Cubs end up with Mike Tyson’s tiger in their clubhouse!

Perhaps it’s the seven game losing streak that has me ranting from Se7en to The Hangover. All I know is that I’m ready to stop being afraid of finding out what is in the box (score). Even when I already know what is there.

Go Cubs Go. Please take the upperhand away from John Doe now. Thanks.


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