VIDEO ARCHIVE: (1/6/10) The Hawk is in!


Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar are about to enjoy a day bestowed upon very few. After stellar MLB careers, numerous awards and endless accolades the two of them will find themselves inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Bert and Roberto. Honors definitely well deserved.

Andre Dawson finally received the call to the Hall, literally, on January 6, 2010. One of my favorite Cubs achieving the accomplishment was a thrill to me as it was long coming, much deserved and only the second time a Cub who spent their glory years in the thick of the decade I grew up in got the call to join the elite of the game. I was disappointed to hear later that the Hall would put Dawson in under the Expos cap despite the Hawk’s wishes, however, the honor is what matters and after the career Dawson had in Montreal, Chicago, Boston and Florida, the last appropriate place for him to call home was Cooperstown.

In honor of Hawk and the rest of the Cubs in the Hall, plus to commemorate Baseball Hall of Fame weekend, here is the video I shot on the day Dawson was elected to be a member of the HOF. Finding out the news at work, in the middle of a quiet training made it tough to contain myself as you’ll hear. I couldn’t wait to rant about it that evening. Check it out:

Congratulations to Bert and Roberto. Always a special day no matter who has received the call. Looking forward to it (along with potentially the first three game winning streak of the season for the Cubs. Great game by Wells today. A clutch start to prove he still belongs in the rotation was definitely needed. The win gave us the first series win after losing nine straight. I think it’s time to shed the ‘only MLB team without a three game win streak’ label next).

Go Cubs Go!