Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

  1. Carlos Silva with the best start a Cubs pitcher has had since the beginning of time.
  2. The Braves are one of the hottest teams in baseball.
  3. The Mets are 22-9 at home.
  4. Galarraga came one out away from a perfect game and still recorded what would’ve been 28 outs in a perfect world.
  5. It would’ve been the third perfect game thrown this season.
  6. The Baltimore Orioles were the first team to fire their manager this season.
  7. Carlos Silva is 8-0!
  8. Zambrano starts a record of consecutive Cubs Opening Days, moved to pen, then back to rotation all BEFORE June.
  9. Schilling has hardly said anything controversial this season.
  10. Griffey Jr. retires during the season instead of waiting until the off-season.
  11. Jimenez of the Rockies leads the majors in wins (11) and ERA (0.93)
  12. Robinson Cano is hitting .363
  13. The Rays own the best winning percentage in the majors at .649
  14. The Reds holding strong in the NL Central at 33-25, .5 games behind the Cards and 6.5 games up on the third place Cubs.
  15. The PIRATES are 12-6 in one-run games.  The PIRATES.
  16. Dontrelle Willis is a D’back.  How is he not the Tigers’ own long time dominator he was supposed to be?
  17. I actually watched about 10 minutes worth of the MLB draft.  I guess that’s something.
  18. Ted Lilly is 1-5.  Leading the club at 8-0?  Flipping CARLOS SILVA!!!
  19. The Blackhawks are in the Stanley Cup finals.  WHAT?!?
  20. Seriously.  That Carlos.  Unreal.
This season has been full of surprises. Some more unfortunate than others. Most unfortunate: Griffey. Next: Lilly. Least unfortunate: Silva leading the club in wins and being the man. Someone tell the Reds that’ll be enough out of them please. I mean, really. Go Cubs Go! Let’s start surprising some folks and move our way on up the NL Central standings!

MLB Culture Shock


I haven’t blogged in a bit mainly because I don’t fully understand what is happening in baseball.  How in the world do the Tampa Bay Rays have the highest winning percentage in all of baseball at .610? 

rays pic.pngThey are one loss better than the Cubs, who I suppose would be considered the second best team in the majors accordingly and somehow lead the AL East, 1.5 games in front of the defending W.S Champ Boston Red Sox.  I mean, we’re almost at the All-Star break and it’s amazing.

I don’t know.  There are few things we as fans can control, even with all the predictions and expectations that exist at the beginning of each season.  One thing we can control though, is the starting team of the AL and NL in the All-Star game.  Considering the games now count for a GIANT prize, should this still be?  And if so, are fans truly taking advantage of the opportunity?  I think not.  And why aren’t fans of teams in the NL, for instance, voting for no-names to start for the AL?  I mean, we want to win right?  Home field advantage in the Series is quite the prize right?  

I may add more to this later this evening.  For now though, go Cubs against the Giants…fans need to show up and vote our Cubs into the starting lineup…I’m about to do some more voting for our Cubs…and for some scrubs in the AL.  Couldn’t hurt right?

Go Cubs Go!

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