Physically Impossible?


Picture_1_4So now all that’s left for the Fukudome-to-the-Cubs deal to go through is his passing of a physical to be held next week. If you ask me, one thing Cubs’ team doctors will be particularly suspicious about?
His third arm.

(No, I couldn’t resist. Of course, without any way of telling how many hits this blog is getting, I may be the only one reading this…so really…as long as I find it funny, as far as I’m concerned, I’m pleasing 100% of my audience.)

Now that’s IMPRESSIVE.
Go Cubs.


Fukudome Eve?


Ok, so Fukudome and his agent, Joe Urbon, are supposed to be making their big announcement Picture_1_2sometime this week, probably tomorrow or Tuesday regarding their oficial decision as to whether he’ll be playing in Japan or the US next season. As of right now, the reports are stating that he has declined the offer made by the Yomiuri Giants and he will likely be accepting one of three MLB teams’ offers.
Oh boy.

Apparently, he feels he has all the information he needs to make his decision and I, like many other Cubs fans can’t wait to find out what that decision will be. He’s reported to be a cross between Ichiro and Hideki Matsui, so I’m expecting a REALLY fast player with a REALLY big head. My favorite part of this entire situation is how Urbon has mentioned that it is possible that Fukudome will have to tour the stadiums he might call home before making his decision…well in the words of Kirsten Dunst…BRING IT ON!

The Padres and the White Sox are supposedly our biggest competition in landing Mr. Fukudome’s services and there is nothing they have in their stadiums that can compare to the friendly confines of Wrigley. I believe true greatness can sense greatness, they know when they are surrounded by it, and when you step into Wrigley, that’s exactly what you feel. It’s not corporate. It’s living, breathing baseball history, some of the greatest that ever was, is and will be. The history and the ambience is in the walls, the seats, the scoreboard, the brick, the ivy, the feel that the stadium gives off while you’re there that the stadium…it TOO, is another one of our beloved Cubs in and of itself.

Could it possibly be something Fukudome will feel, or sense, when visiting the Padres and White Sox?

Hmmmm…’US Cellular Field’. ‘PETCO Park’.

Um. No.

If it comes down to Fukudome’s new home field ringing true to the feeling of ‘home sweet home’…I like our chances. T-Minus who knows how long…but we’ll find out. And apparently…we’ll find out “SOON”.