I Typed All of the Words You See Here But That Didn’t Have Any Impact On Whether I Posted Or Not. Right, Mr. McGwire?


Mark McGwire has admitted to using steroids on the same day Greg Maddux returns to the Cubs as the assistant to GM Jim Hendry.

Once again, the Cardinals get the best of the Cubs.  They couldn’t even let us enjoy Maddux being back in the fold.  Next thing you know, McGwire this, McGwire that.  Yet the part I believe will be focused on most with regards to McGwire’s statement, is his opinion that taking steroids had no impact on his actual performance on the ball field.  
Wait.  What???
Performance.  Enhancing.  Drugs.  Steroids.  Things that enhance your performance…drugs that enhance your performance.  How ridiculous is this statement?  So, they simply allowed you to stay healthy, not blast home runs out of St. Louis and make them land in McCovey Cove?  Huh.  
How do you feel about toothpaste Mark?  You used it this morning but it had nothing to do with your fresh breath and plaque removal?  How about money?  You made and spent money but all it did was keep you wealthy and had nothing to do with how you got all the stuff you own?  
What’s your definition of ‘is’ Mark?  I don’t know about the BBWAA but I have a feeling Bill Clinton is extremely impressed.  And I’m not saying you’re still using steroids, but I thought snapping Bob Costas over your knee at the end of the interview was a bit odd.*
I know it must have been tough for McGwire to make a statement at all and I respect his willingness to finally do so.  However, to say that you took steroids, yet you don’t believe it impacted your stat line year in and year out…how do you say a pill, an injection can’t make you skilled at hitting a baseball?  Maybe not, but it sure does help turn on the ball fast and strong enough to send it into a major league stadium parking lot!  I don’t know about the rest of you, but to me my immediate reaction is a blank stare.  A stare that simply says “Did he just say that?”  It makes me cringe even further with regards to his cheating.  
And now Peter Gammons is on and as a man respected as one of the elite baseball reporters out there, how is he not laughing out loud at this?!?  Doesn’t a McGwire fan of even Gammons’ magnitude have to simply step back and say, “I’m a fan, but this guy is nuts”.  He did just mention that he’s delusional in a round about way by comparing him to Clemens (couldn’t agree more here).  Will it result in HOF votes for McGwire because he ‘came clean’? I hope not.  I don’t care what your opinion is Mark.  You admitted to using steroids.  You cheated.  Gammons says his admittance eliminates McGwire for him regarding the HOF which is nice to hear.  All of the panelists on MLB Network are in agreement.  And I’m right there with them.  Not only are you a cheat Mark, now to me, you’re a moron.  
Amazing how much good and harm one person can do to the game of baseball with one decision.  People loved watching the record chase in ’98 and some people say he and Sosa saved baseball (I don’t agree with this, baseball wasn’t going anywhere).  However now that they know they were duped while the players were doped, it’s hard to look back at that time fondly…especially not in the way people thought they’d be able to one day.
I’m glad you came forward Mark.  I’m glad you admitted it.  Everything else you had to say didn’t matter which is good because it didn’t make any sense, although you may actually believe your own BS.**  Enjoy your place with the St. Louis Cardinals.  Going forward, this is the only way you’ll ever wear a cap of any kind in the game of baseball again.  A’s or Cardinals cap on a HOF plaque is not something you’ll ever have to concern yourself with, I’m guessing.
And one day I believe we will be in the same position the Cardinals fans are in today when it’s Sosa’s turn.  That is if he ever has the guts to admit it.  He gave Cubs fans great thrills, including that race in ’98.  But an honest Cubs fan knows something wasn’t right with Sosa’s stats either.  Here’s to hoping when Sosa does come out, he doesn’t try to beat around the bush.  Admit you used and it enhanced your stats.  You may not be elected into the HOF, but I for one will respect you much more for being honest now as opposed to continuing your ways of dishonesty going forward.
Makes me appreciate true talents and truly good people in the game like Dawson who was elected into the Hall last week.  You think character doesn’t weigh in at all when BBWAA voters cast their votes?  Listen to what these guys are saying about McGwire today.  It absolutely does and it absolutely should.
*No Bob Costas was injured in the writing of this post.  
**Believing that taking steroids didn’t impact his performance what-so-ever and that all of those home runs were simply God given may be just what Big Mac needs to hold on to in order to get through this.  That said, Mark….this one goes out to you:


Anyway…good to have you back Mr. Maddux.  And as always, Go Cubs Go!
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