NL Central 2012 Season Preview Podcast


Looking ahead to this year’s Cubs baseball, last night I once again participated in a roundtable podcast discussion of the NL Central with Ivie League Production, hosted by Daniel Shoptaw. A Cardinals fan, he assembles a fan from each team making up the division every year and it’s always fun to share expectations of your own ballclub as well as field questions from the other fans and kick around division expectations among the group.

Included below is an embedded version of the podcast which you can play here. Highlights include the impact of Theo Epstein, the debate as to whether Pujols and Fielder’s absence will make the division grow tighter in 2012, my thoughts on Dempster as the Opening Day starter, expectations regarding the final standings of the Central and overall storylines to look forward to this coming season.

I see the bullpen as a weakness, I’m behind the ‘year of the Cubs’ numbers coming down despite the fact that it directly correlates to my URL, I believe Theo is going to make a huge difference (who doesn’t?) and I believe aside from the Astros, the rest of the division will be decided in a tight race with only 89 wins needed to claim the division title. Also, given the extra wild-card in each league, while I feel the Cubs have a lot of work left to do, I could see them coming away with that extra wild card spot.

Watch out for the Pirates in 2012 to be the surprise team of the division and potentially not in the way you would expect. We discuss how the Cubs are slowly getting younger and what to expect with Soriano and Ian Stewart this season among other subjects. The guys involved are fun to listen to and it was a blast to talk about the upcoming season with them.

Here is the podcast. Press play and check it out! (You don’t have to wait long to hear my thoughts on the 2012 Cubs as I am the first writer out of the gate.)

Go Cubs Go! Opening Day is only 10 days away!

One thought on “NL Central 2012 Season Preview Podcast

  1. No, look I know someone’s going to go there and start tsheoming. But Vasquez’s career numbers are 4.22 ERA, 1.249 WHIP; he tends to have decent strikeout rates and he’ll eat innings. What about that sounds better than average/mediocre? He’s basically Randy Wells with a slightly lower WHIP. And yes, I fully acknowledge that wins/losses for pitchers don’t always tell the full story. But that doesn’t render them useless. Vasquez is average, and his record is average, and it’s roughly the same every year; why is it that we immediately have to subscribe to the wins and losses don’t tell you anything camp? Just because they don’t tell you everything doesn’t mean they tell you nothing. Vasquez’s trend tell me a lot he’s an average pitcher, throws a lot of innings (which tends to make his record more meaningful). I think his next team can expect to be getting a guy who will eat innings, stay relatively healthy, and probably deserve a win just as often as he deserves a loss.

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