Signs of Things to Come, But In More Ways Than One?


So yes, obviously, pun intended.  Every year the Cubs gear up an ad campaign to get the fans excited about the team and the upcoming season.  This year, it’s based around the world famous Wrigley Field marquee.  The images below are of the ads and tag lines they’ve come up with this year.  Personally, I only like the winter and heaven’s ballpark ones.  How do you guys feel about them?  Anyone else see them as subtle reminders that new ownership means VERY LIKELYchanges to the stadium’s name and marquee?  That was the first thing I thought of when I saw them.

Love that last one.
Joined a Cubs meet up group today to share the joys and heart aches of 2009 with other Cubs fans in New York City.  I’ll keep you posted on that experience throughout the entire season.  If it’s any where near as much fun as sharing the season with everyone associated with MLBlogs and the loyal readers of Prose and Ivy, I’m sure it will be a blast!  GO CUBS GO!

5 thoughts on “Signs of Things to Come, But In More Ways Than One?

  1. I definately like the heaven’s ballpark slogan the best, but I thought the one about the mini vacation was pretty cool too.

    But about changing Wrigley’s name, ugggg… I don’t even want to think about that. I can see Sam Zell selling naming rights, but will the Rickets? Let’s hope not.

  2. There are many out there that still have a fondness for “the Jake” here in Cleveland. Once Jacobs Field, it now holds the name Progressive (Insurance) Field. I believe Wrigley Field should be the name and will always be the name for true diehard Cub fans if the name changes one day. There is just something that tradition holds that one’s heart cannot just forget and stadium and team identity are included with that.


  3. I love the fake marquee’s!! When Orangebird and I went there in June to see the O’s play the Cubs we had a blast. That place is a national treasure and should always remain Wrigley Field.

    Watch my blog for a posting soon about our visit there!

    Also, I can discuss some fuel economy stuff with you offline considering that is what I do for the Feds.


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