You Look How I Feel


This is probably by far my favorite picture from Spring Training so far:


Look at that face. “So I’m batting where?” “Who’s our closer?” “When’s Lee getting here?” That picture says it all and its exactly how I feel about the Spring so far. I’m willing to acknowledge the Cubs are the favorite to repeat in the Central this year simply because I’m biased…oh, and because I feel any team who won a division last year that hasn’t seen enough significant change in the offseason to make a real difference this year, SHOULD be the favorite to repeat that following year.

I’m just as willing to admit I’m a little confused. When will Soriano’s face be answered?? The season starts March 31st. That’s 2 1/2 weeks away.

2 1/2 weeks.

A quick start when the games count sure could come in handy come late September when we’re battling for a division that came down to two games last season. Things I can think of on the Cubs’ two week notice plan:

1. Need to pick a closer.

2. Need to figure out batting order.

3. Need to figure out if Brian Roberts is going to be in our batting order.

4. Need to send D-Lee a memo that he once won a batting title.

5. Need to call Dad and wish him a Happy Birthday on Sunday.

Oh, wait. That last one’s mine. You get the drift. I’m happy that Lou is getting fired up about the state they’re in. That balance of taking Spring for what it is isn’t quite where it needs to be. I believe in Lou’s philosophy that a little momentum heading out of Spring into the season wouldn’t hurt. I hope the players start feeling the same way…and seriously…if the Baltimore scout is that present at our games and things are going down sometime soon…can we please just do this trade already? Spring’s starting to give me an irregular heartbeat.

(And to follow up from my previous post: as for Billy Crystal’s performance today…0-1 with a strike out. Worked the count full and then went down swinging. Robin Williams was there and thoroughly enjoyed watching Billy Crystal DH for the American League East contenders, the New York Yankees. Those reported to have not enjoyed watching it from the unemployment line: Mike Piazza, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds.

Now that Mr. Crystal, is FUNNY. Happy Birthday Billy. Now sit down and let the professionals do their thing. And for crying out loud Lee…you got on base today as many times as Billy Crystal, and with more opportunities.

2 1/2 weeks. Time to start hitting. GO CUBS GO!